Choosing the right disposable dog diaper for your pet may appear a bit challenging, but it’s not. Neither is putting a diaper on your four-legged friend! In fact, there really is no secret. Just a few simple steps to follow, according to dog diaper expert Amanda Fisk with Simple Solution.

Measure Your Dog for Diapers

Amanda’s NUMBER ONE tip: Make sure the fit is good. The diagram below shows you how to measure your pooch using a basic tape measure. It’s really important you get the right measurements! This will mean you will get the best fit – in other words, the most secure and comfortable fit – for your dog.

Find Your Dog Diaper or Wrap Size

Once you know your dog’s measurements, you can use the charts below to find the best Simple Solution disposable diaper/male wrap size for your dog. And good news! Simple Solution has redesigned its line of disposable female dog diapers and they’re now available in a wider variety of sizes, including XS/Toy and XXL.

In case you’re wondering, the sizes intentionally overlap. Amanda recommends that if your dog’s waist is on the higher end of the range, you go up one size for an optimal fit. For example, if you have a female dog with a 14-inch waist it would be better to choose size Small (12-19) rather than XS/Toy (9-14).

Some pet parents want to use weight to determine the size they need, but weight is different on every breed/shape/size. Some breeds carry more weight in their chest and have a smaller waist, while others may have extra fur around their waist. Two dogs weighing the same could need two different sizes of diapers/wraps. 

Fit Dog Diapers or Wraps on Your Pooch

When it comes to fitting the diaper on your pet, it’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3:

  1. With tabs underneath and padding facing up, slip the hole of the diaper over your dog’s tail.
  2. Position the diaper between your pet’s back legs and snug against her underbelly.
  3. Secure the adjustable tabs on the top of part of the diaper.

For male wraps, it’s even simpler:

  1. Position the wrap so the absorbent part covers your dog’s genitals.
  2. Pull the adjustable closure around his back and fasten to the Simple Solution logo area for a secure fit.

The new Simple Solution Disposable Female Diapers and Male Wraps with True Fit have a more comfortable, adjustable fit. We humans don’t feel comfortable if our jeans are too big and keep falling down. Well our pets don’t like that feeling either! Big plus: the diapers and wraps are super absorbent and leak-proof too!

Removing Dog Diapers or Wraps

Simple Solution’s new diapers and wraps have a very handy “wetness indicator” that will let you know when it’s time to change your dog. If you’ve ever removed a baby’s diaper, you’ll be very familiar with the steps to follow. Detach the tabs on each side, slide the diaper off your pup, roll it up and fold it over – and then put it in your garbage bin. There shouldn’t be any mess leaking out of the Simple Solution diaper or wrap because the core absorbs everything. It has a moisture-wicking technology that attracts urine and turns it into a gel. How amazing is that?

How to Train Your Pet to Wear Dog Diapers

Now that you’re an expert in buying the right size diaper (or male wrap), putting it on and taking it off, it’s time to get your dog used to wearing them! It’s very similar to training a pup to use a dog pad. Introduce the diaper to your pooch, let her sniff it and see what it is. Then put it on and let her get comfortable with it. This is where having the right fit is so important. If it’s too big or too small your pooch will feel uncomfortable and try to remove it – or it may fall off! Praise your furry buddy and give her treats, especially if she pees in the diaper! You may need to follow these steps for a few days until she adapts to wearing a diaper and doesn’t even notice when you put it on.

Congratulations, you’re ready to post an adorable photo on Facebook showing your precious pooch wearing a diaper! And if you want to learn about the many occasions your dog might need to wear one (more photo ops!), you can read our post When to Use Dog Diapers.