This is a guest post by Jessica Shipman of Beagles & Bargains, a site dedicated to “surviving pet parenthood without going broke”.

I’ve always been a strong proponent of personalized and handmade gifts (including gifts for dogs). The little extra thought and effort go a long way to show just how much a person means to you. Homemade gifts don’t have to be complicated, challenging, or even expensive. In fact, sometimes you can actually save money by doing or making something yourself!

Since I’m all about surviving pet parenthood without going broke, saving money on gifts for my dogs and my favorite dog lovers is a big win especially during the already expensive holiday season.

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for your pup or a fellow pet lover, then check out 10 of my favorite DIY projects that also make wonderful holiday gifts for dogs. Many of these projects I’ve personally made and the rest are on my to do list! But, the best part is that they won’t take hours and they definitely will not break the bank.

Gifts For Good Dogs

I’m pretty confident that the three items that top both of my dogs’ Christmas lists are 1. Treats, 2. Toys, and 3. A Comfy Bed. Luckily all three of those things can be made right in your own home and perhaps with supplies you already have.

DIY Recycled Dog Toys

Does your dog love to play tug of war? Do you have a bunch of shirts, sweaters, or even blankets that you are looking to recycle? Then this DIY project should definitely be on your list. Follow these easy steps to turn old clothing into brand new toys for your special furry friend. These are also super affordable options if you are looking to donate to a local shelter or rescue.

Gifts for dogs, including 1-diy-recycled-dog-toys

DIY Food Dispensing Toy

gifts for dogs, including this 2-diy-food-dispensing-toy

This easy DIY tutorial combines two of these three wish list items – toys and treats. All you need is a JW Hol-ee Roller Ball or similar toy, scraps of fabric (cut up old socks or towels), and your dog’s favorite treat. Just stuff the ball and your dog will have a blast sniffing for the treats and destuffing their toy. But, the best part is you can do it all over again unlike regular fabric toys which are pretty much just one time use.

Wooden Crate Dog Bed

If have a dog lover who also has an interest in home decor on your shopping list, then you might want to consider this DIY dog bed idea. Wooden crates may seem boring at first, but this tutorial shows you how to turn one into a custom small dog bed. Plus, crates can be found in many home improvement and craft stores. All you need is a crate, spray paint, and a pair of pliers!

gifts for dogs, including 3-wooden-crate-dog-bed

No-Sew Pet Bed

If you are looking for a soft bed to fit in the wooden crate from above, then look no further than this easy No Sew Pet Bed! All you need is some fleece, a pair of scissors, and an old pillow or cotton batting. This easy to make bed is another great option to donate to an animal shelter or rescue this holiday season.

gifts for dogs, including 4-no-sew-pet-bed

Presents for Pet Parents

Doggy Wine Toppers

Calling all wine and pet lovers! This super cute and easy tutorial will turn a simple bottle of wine into a dog lover’s dream. This gift idea is easy to personalize with your friend’s favorite colors and dog breed and is a great way to reuse any old wine corks you have laying around the house.

gifts for dogs and dog lovers 5-doggy-wine-toppers

Easy Geometric Treat Jars

I absolutely love the simplicity of these classy treat jars. You can easily turn a regular jar you have laying around the house into one of these beauties or pick up a new one at a local store. Simple supplies like nail polish and tape make it easy for anyone to do! Plus the dogs will be happy because prettier treat jars means more treats! And if you are looking for a dog treat recipe to fill your new gorgeous treat jars, then I recommend picking one from here.

gifts for dogs and dog lovers 6-easy-geometric-treat-jars

Layered Paper Pet Portraits

Any pet parent will tell you that custom pet portraits or artwork are a BIG hit as gifts, especially if you made it. This tutorial allows you to let your creativity flow and turn a regular photograph into a piece of art through colored paper. If that’s too much for you, then you could always pick up a nice large frame and get a photo printed. Warehouse stores like Costco usually have great deals on large prints. This tutorial also recommends getting cheap engineer prints from Staples.

gifts for dogs and dog lovers 7-layered-paper-pet-portraits

Dog Silhouette String Art

String art is another fun way you can show your love of dogs in artwork and wall hangings. Though this DIY guide was developed centered around Valentine’s Day, I think it is perfect all year round. The design is easy to customize to your favorite dog silhouette and your favorite colors.

gifts for dogs and dog lovers 8-dog-silhouette-string-art

Felt Dog Ornaments

It is Christmas time after all, so how about a custom dog ornament? This simple project shows you how to make felt dog ornaments for all your friends using supplies you already have at home. Not a sewer? I bet you could also get by with using a bit of fabric or hot glue. These soft ornaments would also be super cute as gift tags this holiday season.

gifts for dogs and dog lovers 9-felt-dog-ornaments

New Puppy Gift Basket

For some the holidays is the right time to add a new pet to their family. Though I don’t recommend giving pets as gifts (it’s a BIG commitment), giving a gift basket of items they will be sure to use – such as cleaning supplies – is a great idea. Some of my must have products are:

gifts for dogs and dog lovers 10-new-puppy-gift-basket

You could also create a similar gift basket for new home owners or any pet parent really. One thing is for sure – pet parents can never have enough cleaning supplies.

jessica-shipmanJessica Shipman is a bargain hunter, food lover, and software engineer figuring out how to be a pet parent for the first time. Shortly after graduating college, she adopted Luna, an always hungry Beagle mix and dove head first into the wonderful world of pet parenting.

As a recent college graduate, Jessica has been attempting to balance a tight budget with being the best pet parent ever. Jessica shares her journey with Luna and her new addition Ralph in her blog Beagles & Bargains, where she aims to help you survive pet parenthood without going broke. She does this by sharing money saving DIY, pet safe recipes, and affordable food hound approved products.