Have you ever wanted to give your pet the perfect play toy, but can’t find the right one in a store? Well, with just a few items around your house, you can make your own DIY pet toys (which will quickly become your dog or cat’s new favorite toy)! With these three easy DIY pet toys, you and your pet will have fun all day long.

DIY Pet Toy #1 for Pups: Tennis Ball Tug Toy

Tennis ball and sock DIY pet toysItems Needed:

  • 1 Tennis ball
  • 1 Sock

What we love about DIY pet toys is that it only takes a few items to make them. For this, only two things are needed to make it—and it includes a favorite for pets, the tennis ball. This is a great use for all those single socks that no longer have a match to make a pair. To make the tennis ball tug toy, you just slide the ball into the heel of the sock, then tie two knots on either end of the sock. It’s that easy! The completed toy makes a great chew toy or the perfect implement for a game of tug-of-war (a word of caution about tug of war: be careful of pulling too hard on the toy, as you don’t want to damage your dog’s mouth or teeth).

DIY Pet Toy #2 for Cats: The Cat Wand

Cat wand DIY pet toy Items Needed:

  • 1 Wooden stick or dowel, 12 inches (or more) in length
  • String, 18-24″ in length
  • Ribbon, 5-10 feet in length
  • Bells (optional)
  • Super glue

This is a new twist on a classic favorite cat toy. With just a few items in the house, you can make your own unique and original cat wand. First, cut 5-10 pieces of ribbon (you can use any colors and designs you want or have on hand), each measuring about 12 inches long. Fold each piece of ribbon in half, then bunch all of the folds together. Use some of the string to tie the folds to one another. Cut a length of string between 18 and 24 inches long, then loop one end through the loops of the ribbons. Tie a secure double knot to attach the string to the ribbon. Finally, put a dab of super glue on the stick and attach the other end of the string. Wind the string around the stick a few more times, adding a dab of super glue each time you go around. You can customize your wand with bells or anything else to make your cat’s perfect play toy. We recommend toys such as these only be enjoyed when you’re present and are put away in a safe place when done so your kitty can’t play with without supervision.

DIY Pet Toy #3 for Cats: The Cat Treat Puzzle

Cat Treat Puzzle DIY Pet Toy
image credit: Four White Paws
Idea and image credit to Four White Paws Items Needed:

  • Empty tissue box
  • 14 empty toilet paper rolls, or 7 empty paper towel rolls cut in half
  • Your cat’s favorite treats
  • Glue

This DIY pet toy is so simple to make and is not only fun for your cats, but also helps strengthen their minds. First, cut the top off an old, empty tissue box. Fill the box with empty toilet paper rolls without glue first, to check how many will fit into the box. Once you’ve filled the box take out the rolls and fill it again with the tubes, this time gluing the bottom of each roll to the box as you go. Once the glue has dried, you can fill a few random tubes with a couple pieces of dry cat food or a treat, and then stand it vertical. Your cat will have to sniff out the treat and get it out of the box using their paw or tongue. Happy hunting! A safety note: supervise your pets when they’re playing with toys. Items like ribbon or socks can be choking hazards, especially for cats, and can cause blockage if ingested.

We hope you love these DIY pet toys and let us know in the comments if you’ve made one of your own!