There are so many Insta-famous pets that it’s hard to know which ones to add to your feed.  And it’s not only cats and dogs with wildly popular Instagram accounts.  We found bunnies, pigs, monkeys, chipmunks, ponies, guinea pigs, squirrels, raccoons and many more animals, all with huge followings.  Despite feeling a bit overwhelmed, we managed to narrow the list down to four Insta-famous pets that we now follow – and we hope you will too:

Marnie the Dog

Marnie the DogWhy’s Marnie so special?  Because she’s the poster dog for adopting senior pets — or in Marnie’s case, a sick, smelly, senior pet — from shelters.  Now 15 years-old, the adorable Shih Tzu with the cocked head and lolling tongue has become the most popular rescue dog on Instagram.  Marnie’s cute photos and funny captions will make you smile, yes, but they’ll also make you happy that she’s living the sweet life in her senior years.  Marnie gets extra hearts from us for visiting sick kids at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. 


Life didn’t start off so great for Lil BUB.  The runt of the litter, this perma-kitty has big, bulging eyes and multiple birth defects – and nearly died before she reached her first birthday.  Thanks to her human dad, she survived and now does a great job of raising awareness about special needs pets and the importance of adopting, spaying and neutering.  Did we mention she also raises a lot of money for animal charities?  Yes, there’s another Insta-famous kitty out there who owns the grumpy look and we love her too.  But a celebrity cat who remembers her roots and gives back?  She’s a true star.

Goats of Anarchy

This Instagram account features not one but many handicapped and abused goats living at a sanctuary in New Jersey.  The shots of these sweet animals in their handicap goat wheelchairs “teaching the world acceptance and inclusion” inspire us every day.  We’re especially fond of anxious, blind Polly who’s obsessed with wearing a duck costume.  You can find out why here:  

Amelia Hedgehog

21041477_302802920186377_1261990511166619648_nAnd finally there’s an African pygmy hedgehog called Amelia who, according to her bio, “is passionate about art, all things well designed, travel, and making a difference in the world.”  We must admit, Amelia is the first cultured hedgehog we’ve come across and we’re a bit in awe of her.  Not only is she smart, she’s also a great model, appearing in exquisitely-styled shots on her Instagram account.  Amelia may be a prickly hedgehog, but she’s a super-cool prickly hedgehog.

Would you add any other Insta-famous pets to this list?  Let us know in the comments section below.