In case you almost missed it, today is National Cook for Your Pets day.  Yes, the timing isn’t great as it falls the day after Halloween.  But our pets have seen us stuffing ourselves with Halloween candy for days.  Now it’s their turn to enjoy a special treat: a healthy, home-cooked meal for dinner.  If you’re ready to get cooking, we’ve found four delicious and nutritious recipes that will have your pets begging for seconds:

Recipes for Dogs

Crockpot chicken and brown rice.  A recipe with only 5 ingredients and an instructional video?  It can’t get much easier than this!   Mutt loaf.  In addition to the great name, this is a super-healthy recipe for your pup. If you’d rather bake something instead of cook a meal for your pooch, they won’t mind if you spoil them with one of these yummy dog treats: Carrot Dog Biscuits or Bacon Bark Sticks.  

Recipes for Cats

Chunky meat and rice.  Some good advice about homemade cat food as well as a tasty recipe.   Tasty Fish Dinners.  You can ask your kitty if she wants mackerel, sardine, trout or salmon for dinner, or cook all four.   And yes, we have some easy treats you can bake for your kitty too:  Spinach & Chicken Purrk Me Ups, Cheesy Meowthfulls and Goats Milk Catsicles. If you’re thinking about cooking meals for your pet more often, we suggest you consult with your veterinarian first.  Cats and dogs have specific nutritional needs and it’s important they eat a balanced diet.

Are you cooking a special meal for your pet today?  Please let us know (photos welcome!) in the comments section below.