More than 100,000 people converged in Las Vegas at the 50th annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest consumer technology show. This year, more than 3,800 exhibitors showed off thousands of innovative new technologies – from the latest in computers and TVs to self-driving cars and a wealth of connected smart home gadgets. And, this year, not only are there fun new gadgets to enjoy with your pet; but an interesting array of pet tech products also were on full display: everything from automated feeders to self-cleaning litter boxes to dog trackers and networked pet toys.

Here are our 6 favorite pet tech innovations from this year’s CES:

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar (winner of CES Best of Innovation Award).

Not only will this GPS-enabled collar make your dog look fashion-forward, it will also let you track your pooch’s location and monitor their daily activity levels and health. It has many other useful features as well – you’ll wonder how you managed without them – including temperature alerts and a virtual scrapbook that lets you record your dog’s adventures.

Catspad automatic cat feeder and water fountain

Just download the Catspad App and you can use your smartphone to schedule and control your cat’s meals and water supply. Multiple cats? No problem. It can identify them using their microchips or collars. Another great feature: it alerts you when supplies are running low.

Kuri the home robot

It’s small and cute and this smart bot is about to become you and your family’s best buddy. In addition to performing tasks when you’re home – such as reading to the kids, waking you up and playing music – it can monitor your house when you’re away and send you videos of your kids and pets via its HD camera. Oh and did we mention it speaks in adorable beeps (yes), bloops (no) and BeBeeps (hello)!

Panasonic Lumix GX850 Camera

Why do we love it? It has advanced selfie and panorama shoot functions, for starters. And a snap movie feature that lets you record short clips with effects such as rack focusing (where you switch focal points, with one sharp and the other blurry) and fade-ins. Take this cool camera with you on dog walks and snap instant pics and movies along the way. And, of course, selfies of you and your best friend.

Polaroid Pop

Sleek handheld with an LCD touch screen. In addition to instant prints, it also has a 1080 pixel high definition video with classic 3 x 4″ prints. Available later this year. Click here for tips on taking great photos of your pet.

LG Signature OLED HDR Smart TV

If you’ve been wishing for an amazing ultrathin (0.15 inch) flat panel TV with perfect black and cinematic color, active HDR with Dolby Vision and wide angle viewing, a TV that blends into your wall, this is the one. It’s pricey, but your furry friends will thank you when they’re home alone watching their favorite pet shows. We love that smart, connected devices have found their way to our pets’s lives. But, nothing takes the place of long walks with your dog or snuggle time with your kitty.