February 1st marked the beginning of Responsible Pet Owners Month, an annual holiday that celebrates responsible pet parents who keep their pets healthy, happy and safe.

At Live The Pet Life, our goal is to make being a responsible pet parent easy. We know that responsibility isn’t exactly the most glamorous part of pet parenthood, but there are so many great benefits that come from being a responsible pet parent, like a long, happy life for your pet and a better bond between you and your furry family member.


So this month and all year-round, we encourage you to embrace the responsibility that comes with being a pet parent with enthusiasm, knowing that it leads to the joy of a happy pet. These are six easy ways to participate in Responsible Pet Owners Month:

Schedule an Annual Pet Checkup from a Vet

vet giving a checkup to golden retrieverUnless your pet falls under the umbrella of under 1 year (puppy or kitten) to 7-10 years and up (senior pet), your dog or cat should see a vet at least once per year for a physical exam. Your pet may get vaccines at this time, and a blood sample will be drawn to check for nasty issues like heartworm.

And while you’re there, you can also do the most responsible thing a pet parent can do, which is setting up an appointment to spay or neuter your pet, if you haven’t already. We all know there’s a dog and cat overpopulation issue in the U.S., so let’s all do our part to fix that.

Check Your Pet’s ID and/or Microchip

Your pet’s collar tag provides valuable information to people should your pet go missing or astray, so check your pet’s collar tags and make sure all of the information is up-to-date and securely fastened. Dogs tend to lose their tags once in awhile, so don’t just assume it’s still on the collar where you put it. If you’re really worried about losing collar tags, consider a microchip for your pet, as it can provide similar contact information when scanned by rescuers.

Pet Proof The House

What’s that old saying about cats and curiosity? Pets have curiosity built into their nature, which can mean some dangerous situations around electricity, household cleaners and—yes—plants (which can oftentimes be poisonous to your pet). You can pet-proof your house much like you would baby-proof.

Get Your Pet Enough Exercise

Fitness woman and dog running on beachWe’ve talked many times before about how healthy it is for both of you to exercise with your pet. With social and physical benefits for both parent and pet, we know you’re not skipping this one, right?

Pick Up Your Pet’s Waste

Pet waste is definitely not good fertilizer, and can actually be harmful to lawns, plants and even groundwater. Plus, it’s just really being a responsible person to not leave your pet’s waste where others can see it—and perhaps even step in it.

Adjust Your Pet’s Diet Accordingly

Giving your pet a responsible dietPets, like humans, need different nutrition at different stages of their lives. Your vet will know what food is best for your pet specifically, so be sure to ask while you’re at the annual checkup. A good, healthy and natural diet can also help prevent various pet diseases. And don’t be afraid of using natural supplements if your vet recommends them. They can help your dog or cat get the nutrition it needs to solve various issues.

These are just a few ways to celebrate Responsible Pet Owner’s Month. How are you participating this year? Tell us in the comments!