Many of us celebrated Valentine’s Day last week and we spent all day appreciating our significant other for all that they do, but most of us probably forgot to appreciate our other significant others: our pets. But don’t worry if you forgot—you’re in luck! Love Your Pet Day is coming up and we have 8 great ways you can show your pet that you love them.

  1. Cat playing on woman's shoulderMake Time for Play Time: Playing a simple game of tug of war or fetch is a great way to bond with your pet.
  2. Take a Trip to the Dog Park: While playing in the backyard or at the local park is great, dogs sometimes need their own doggy friends.  
  3. PRESENTS! Everyone loves getting gifts, and your pets are no exception. Treat your pets to some toys, big or small; They’ll love it!
  4. Treat Your Pet! Invest in a bag of treats. You can use them to perfect your pet’s good behavior, or just to thank them for being a loving member of the family.
  5. Cuddles: People aren’t the only ones who love to cuddle, so spend some time curled up with your pet.
  6. Speak! We all know that when we talk to our pets we sound a little bit ridiculous (or maybe that’s just us), but our pets love it! Research has even shown that the sound of our voice can be soothing for them.
  7. Visit the Doctor: While our pets might not enjoy it at the time, regular Veterinarian visits can prevent serious problems from arising for your pets.

These are just a few ways to show pets some love today, but we’d love to hear of other ways to celebrate pets. Share with us in the comments the ways you show your pet affection, on Love Your Pet Day and every day!