Puppies and young dogs love everyone. And who can resist their sloppy, friendly kisses and not love them in return? That’s one of the reasons most people decide to adopt a furry youngster from a shelter or rescue group. But what about senior dogs? Well if you adopt a senior dog, you’ll find they have a special kind of love to offer – and it’s all reserved for you!

If you’re considering adopting a senior dog, you can find some good advice from experts such as dog whisperer Cesar Millan. But we want to focus on why, when you adopt a senior dog, the love they give you will be extra special.

  • Top of the list: They know you probably saved their life. And they’ll spend the rest of their time on earth showing you how grateful they are.
  • They were scared, sad and alone. And then they weren’t. And it’s all thanks to you. There’s no way that’s not going to result in a very special bond between you and your senior friend.
  • You’ve welcomed them into your home and provided them with everything they need, including safety, food, shelter and walks. And most important of all, lots and lots of love. Which is the thing they want the most.
  • You let them snuggle up on the sofa with you and if they’re extra lucky, in bed too – at least sometimes we hope. For them, that’s bliss. With a capital B.

So if you want a loving, devoted companion, please, please consider adopting a senior dog. And if you’re wondering where to find one, we’ll help you get started in your search. In addition to contacting and visiting your local shelter and rescue groups, check out the following websites:

  • The Senior Dogs Project provides a listing of various agencies that help rehome senior dogs over the age of five. Go to their “Where to Adopt” page, select your state and you’ll see photos and profiles of senior dogs in need of adoption in your area. The website also provides senior dog healthcare information and resources.
  • Petfinder.com an online adoption site, works with shelters across the US to help find homes for animals in their care. About 5 percent of the animals in their database are seniors.

Of course once you adopt a senior dog, you may not want to stop at one. This man is pet parent to eight senior pooches. We’re guessing he’s practically drowning in senior doggie love!

Have you adopted a senior dog? Let us know the special ways your beloved pooch shows you his or her love in the comments section below.