Is it just us, or does the traditional back-to-school shopping period last much longer than it used to? With companies constantly introducing trendy new products, it’s not surprising that parents and their kids are still stocking up on gear and school supplies. All on trend this year: emoji icons, fruit, pandas, unicorns and the color pink. Fortunately for families who love their pets, there are plenty of cat and dog-themed supplies for them to choose from. We’ve scoured the Internet to find just a few of our favorites:

School Supplies

We have a soft spot for these adorable dog and cat backpacks for youngsters.

Cat backpack     210201

Older kids with dogs will like this trendy Frenchie homework holder and pencil case. They also have a backpack that you can personalize with your kid’s name.

Cat lovers will be in kitty heaven with these school items we found on Amazon that are all about cats. They include cute cat gel roller ball pens, bookmark memo flags, a post-it cat figure pop-up note dispenser and a kitten stripe pencil case. Here’s another one we couldn’t resist telling you about: A cat screen cleaner mitten.


It’s hard for two-legged family members to be away from their four-legged friends after the long summer vacation. What if humans and pets could see, talk and play with each other during lunch break? With the Petcube Play interactive petcam they can do all three from their smartphones. With the Petcube Bites all-in-one petcam, they can see, talk play and reward their pet with treats remotely. If you can’t all be at home together, it’s the next best thing.

Dog pads

Dogs, being incredibly social, are prone to separation anxiety when their families head back to school for the fall. This may manifest in a number of ways, including pets peeing in inappropriate places. We recommend stocking up on long-lasting dog pads such as Simple Solution’s All Day dog pads. The most absorbent pad on the market – holding up to 10 cups of urine – they get rid of odors and will keep your home smelling fresh all day. Just in case your pet has a little separation anxiety — or just a tough time holding it all day.

What are your favorite pet-themed back-to-school items? Share with us in the comments below!