They say you shouldn’t trust the Internet on April Fools’ Day, which is pretty good advice considering that some gags go a little too far, ending more with apologies and life-changing events than laughter.

However, when it comes to pet brands’ posts on April Fools’ Day, we really want to believe. This year especially, there have been some great April Fools’ posts by pet brands—including some for products that we actually wish existed:

Unleashed By Petco: Presidential Puppy Podium


It’s a food and water bowl, built into a podium that makes your pooch (or kitty!) look very presidential. Should they actually make it? We vote yes! Watch the video here.

Bags on Board: Bot on Board

Bags on Board's Bot on Board
Bags on Board’s autonomous Bot on Board robot. Photo credit: Bags on Board

Umm, an autonomous robot that does the waste pickup for us? Yes, please!

Gusto: Benefits for Dogs

Finny, the Gusto Office Dog. Photo credit: Gusto
Finny, the Gusto Office Dog.  Photo credit: Gusto

The human resources software startup now features a coverage option for dogs in the office!  We’ll let Ad Age explain:

Canines of all sizes will now have access to things like online accounts, workers’ comp and dental plans for the same price as humans. Gusto decided to include pups after receiving requests from its own office dog, Finnley. The Puppy Platform will initially roll out in California and Colorado, with plans to launch in all other states soon after. Additional features, such as doggie 401K plans and daycare, will also be included later in the year.

The LTPL office dogs are very excited for this one.

Modern Dog Magazine: Just For Dogs Moustache and Beard Brush-In Colour Gel


Because gray hairs are not the best friend of man’s best friend’s. Best of all, it’s supposed to work in just five minutes! Source: