It happens every summer. You make a list of must-have summer products for you and your family, including your furry members. And before you know it, you’ve gone way over budget. We’ve all been there. And of course you don’t want to skimp on certain items because you know you’ll spend the summer regretting it. One easy solution is to splash out on one or two items you can’t live without and find more affordable alternatives for the rest. Like these summer pet care products for under $50 that we found and had to share with you.

Dog Pool


Would you want to dress in a fur coat in summer? We didn’t think so. So pity our poor dogs who are stuck wearing them. And let’s not forget their body temperature is higher than ours and they sweat differently. That’s why they love to splash around in cold water in the summer. Getting soaked helps prevent them from overheating, which can lead to heat stroke. There are lots of dog pools out there, but we like this $29.99 version from Jasonwell. It doubles as a bath, which makes it a multi-tasker — we love multi-tasker pet products. It’s foldable so you can take it along with you on summer trips and store it away in the winter months. Just make sure to limit pool playtime fun to the cooler hours of the day and keep your pet in the shade during peak sun time.

Flea & Tick Control Products


As soon as there is a whiff of summer, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes start jumping all over our pets and sucking their blood — unless you live in hot-weather states where they party year-round. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get some flea and tick protection for your pets. And if you’re concerned about the chemicals in some pest control products, you’ll like Vet’s Best flea and tick solutions for pets, homes and yards, ranging from $9.20-$41. They’re made with natural ingredients, such as peppermint oil and clove extract. These plant-based ingredients effectively kill fleas and ticks and repel mosquitoes. And cat parents will be pleased to hear that Vet’s Best has introduced three new flea and tick products specially formulated for cats. They’re super easy to apply!

Pet Cooling Pad

These probably work through some black magic, but neither we nor our pets are complaining. Your pet cal chill out on the mat for hours, and we love that you don’t need to freeze or chill it because it automatically recharges after 20 minutes of non-use.And it gets extra points for being made of a safe, non-toxic gel, so your pet won’t get sick if he ingests it. Get this one from EXPAWLORER for as little as $29.95 ❄️.

Dog Floor Pads

Dog laying on a dog padDog pads are a lifesaver for summer days. When it’s too hot to leave your pets outside all day, inside is your only remaining option. But the last thing pet parents want to do in any season is clean dog messes off the floor. That’s where pads come in. But not all pads are made equal — many are prone to bunching. There’s a new pad available that tackles this issue: OUT! Ultimate Pro-Grip dog pads ($15.44). They have a special adhesive on the back that grips the floor so the pads stay put. And did we mention that the pads are extra absorbent and have superior odor control?

Chilled Pet Bowl

We know it’s important our furry friends have a constant supply of clean, fresh water. But keeping it from getting warm and stale during the summer months can be challenging. Yes, there are pet water fountains, but most of them don’t keep water ice-cold. Our preference is for this chilled pet bowl from Frosty Bowlz ($29.99). It’s made from stainless steel, which is more hygienic than plastic and some ceramics. It contains a non-toxic freezable gel that keeps water cool for 14+ hours even at 90 degrees Fahrenheit and you can use it thousands of times. You can also use it as a food bowl to keep perishable food fresh. We award it bonus points for the bowl underneath that lets you add a little water to keep ants away.

We hope our summer finds for pet care products under $50 have helped you save some money for those pricier items on your list!