July 31st is National Mutt Day! We’re excited that our mixed-breed best friends get a holiday all to themselves, but we’re even more excited to share with you why adopting a mutt is the way to go. If you’re considering getting a pet, or adding another to the family, it’s good to think about adopting instead of buying from a breeder.

Here’s why…

1. Population Control

It is widely known that there are more dogs running around than families to give them homes. Breeders, by intentionally bringing more puppies into the world, only add to the problem. When you adopt, you are taking an animal off the street and out of the shelter, giving it a loving home and freeing up room and resources for more stray animals to be rescued.

2. Health Issues

Did you know mixed-breed dogs are typically healthier than purebreds? That’s because purebreds tend to pass on genetic diseases that are kept in the family line. Mutts tend to get the best of each breed and are less prone to genetic disease. Side note: We recommend researching the health and personality traits of any breed you’re considering, mixed or purebred, so that you can know what to expect and find the right fit for your family.

3. Cost Effectiveness

This one just comes down to the numbers – purebred pets can potentially cost thousands of dollars, whereas adopting from a shelter may not even break $100. Most shelters will have checked the animal for health concerns, spayed/neutered and vaccinated the animal already as well, saving you initial vet bills that might be of concern when adopting an animal off the street.

Now before you run off to the shelter to adopt your very own wonderful mutt, here’s a list of items you might need to prepare for your new addition (especially if you’re adopting a puppy!):

If you love mutts and you’re proud of it, please share this post with friends and family. Happy National Mutt Day!