August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day. 

Why a holiday just for black cats?  Because for centuries, they’ve had a really bad rap.  In the Middle Ages, people thought that black cats were the evil companions of witches.  Even today, some people think that black cats bring bad luck if they cross the street in front of you.  Silly, yes, but these old superstitions persist.  Having a Black Cat Appreciation Day is important because it helps us dispel these common and false myths; celebrate the black kitties in our lives; and encourage the adoption of these dark-coated beauties.

Sharing the Love on Black Cat Appreciation Day

So today, if you have a beautiful, elegant black cat, spoil it.  And share a photograph of your precious kitty on social media using the hashtag #BlackCatAppreciationDay.  This will help dispel yet another myth:  that black cats don’t photograph well.  If you need a few tips to help you take great shots of your black cat, check out this really helpful video.

Adopting a Black Cat

If you’re thinking about adopting a cat, or adding another to your family, consider getting one (or two!) black kitties today.  Black cats in shelters have a lower adoption rate – and are more likely to be euthanized – than cats of other fur colors.  That’s probably because of their solid dark color.  Black cats don’t attract the same attention as a cat with a lighter-colored fur or markings.  They tend to blend into the background so they receive less attention.  And for some reason, black cats are often deemed not as pretty as their more colorful counterparts.  

To encourage people to adopt a black cat, many shelters across the country offer free adoption or reduced fees for black cats on Black Cat Appreciation Day.  For instance, if you’re in the New York City area, you can adopt a black kitten at a reduced fee of $50 at the ASPCA Adoption Center Or, if you adopt an adult black cat, they’ll give you a free hard carrier to bring your new cat friend home in!  

five reasons to own a black cat

Of course, when it comes to adopting a new pet – and black dogs have the same difficulty in getting adopted – what’s important is not the color of their coat, but their personality and if their needs match yours.  Black cats are just as amazing as cats with different colors and markings, as any parent of a black kitty knows!  And they definitely don’t have any supernatural powers, other than be able to make you love them.

If you have a black cat, we’d love you to share photos of your precious furbaby in the comments section below.