It’s Black Friday tomorrow; where would you rather be?

A young woman is using her laptop at home with a cat sitting on her lap
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Us too, which is precisely why we love shopping online on Black Friday. Online shopping is without the hassles, crowds and lines of Black Friday store trips, and now that shipping has gotten a lot better, you don’t even have to wait very long for your order. Retailers like Petco, with their PetcoNow service, can even get your order to your door in mere hours!

So without further ado, here are eight awesome pet gifts that you can buy online, without ever having to face brutal, Black Friday crowds:

For the Jet Setter: An Underseat Pet Carrier

black-friday-underseat-pet-carrierTraveling this holiday season? Consider taking your pet along! We’ve already written (twice!) about traveling with your pet, but just suffice it to say it’s become a lot easier recently; many airlines, hotels and restaurants have become pet-friendly. To ensure your pet travels in style, check out an underseat pet carrier that simply replaces your underseat carry-on on a plane.


For Your Coffee Table: Underwater Puppies by Seth Casteel

black-friday-Seth-Casteel-UnderwaterPups-CoverSeth Casteel is an incredible pet photographer and we’d be proud to display any of his work on our coffee table. But something about Underwater Puppies is so beautiful and fun that it’s definitely the coffee table book we’ll be asking Santa for this year.



The Stocking Stuffer: A Bags on Board Waste Pickup Bag Dispenser

black-friday-bags-on-board-dispensersA bag dispenser for a stocking stuffer? Well, when they come in fun shapes like bones or fire hydrants and in all colors of the rainbow, yes!

Bags on Board make being a responsible pet parent a fashion statement. We especially love that the the dispenser comes with 30 waste pickup bags to start and can be refilled with any of the brand’s bags. Oh, and it comes with their “Dookie Dock” too, so you can carry used bags hands-free until you find a garbage can.

For the Upper Class Cat-izen: A Nesting Cat Tree

black-friday-nesting-cat-treeSome cats like to stick near terra firma, while others love to climb. If yours is the latter, and you want the best roost for your cat, check out the Nesting Cat Tree from Etsy. It’s handmade to order, for those cats that enjoy the finest things in life.



The Festive Gift: Holiday Dog Sweaters

black-friday-holiday-dog-sweaterGet your four-legged family members into the holiday spirit this year with festive doggie holiday sweaters and coats. Now, where to get that pattern in human sizes so we can match?


The Ultimate Gift: Ultimate Dog and Cat Bundles

black-friday-Ultimate Bundle WrappedThe holiday season is a popular time to welcome a new dog or cat into your family. OUT! Pet Care has made this process a little bit easier, putting together a number of product bundles containing everything you’ll need for your new dog or cat. Pick one up for your pooch or kitty, or send one as a pet-warming gift to someone you know who is welcoming a new pet into their family.


For the Wookie: Star Wars Cat Toys


What else do we need to tell you? Star. Wars. Cat. Toys.

BUY IT (Han Solo & Princess Leia)


For Those Dreaming About Warmer Temps: A Doggie Life-Jacket

black-friday-warmer-temps-dog-life-jacketSnow and rain may be falling, but you know what? We’re already dreaming of warmer weather and fun out on the beach or boat. This life jacket is guaranteed to make you feel that way too.


For The Dapper Dog: A Festive Bow Tie

black-friday-Lumberjack bow tieWhen your holiday festivities call for formality, there’s nothing quite like a bow tie. Baby Bow Tie makes formality a snap (or is that ‘a slip’?) for your pets; their collar accessory bow ties easily and quickly slip over your pet’s collar. With timeless and festive designs alike, you can mix and match for any formal occasion!