It’s that time again: Holiday lights are going up, and prices are coming down for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in-store and all over the Internet. We’re especially excited about getting through our holiday shopping list early so we can enjoy more of the Holiday Season with our family members, both two- and four-legged. Speaking of four-legged, furry family members: don’t forget to add them to Santa’s nice list this year. The whole family will feel good when your pet opens up exactly what they wanted on Christmas morning:

petco-good2go-black-fridayA Warm Coat

We don’t stop walking just because it’s winter. But that doesn’t mean your dog should go outside unprotected—especially if you live in certain parts of the country. Pair a warm doggie-specific coat with some cozy winter booties for walking to protect your pooch from this winter’s fury. Warning: if your pet hasn’t worn a sweater or coat before, they may take some getting used to the idea. Don’t force it on them too quickly.

A Healthy Smile

Dog with Vet's Best Dental Gel ToothpasteOkay, this one’s going to be more for you than for your pooch. Vet’s Best makes a Dental Gel Toothpaste that cleans away tartar and plaque to help support dental hygiene; whitening and brightening at the same time. That means fresher breath and healthier teeth—leading to more person-friendly dog kisses! It’s also the perfect size for your pooch’s stocking (you did get them a stocking, right?)

A Game Where Everyone Wins

Chuckit toy black friday
Source: Chuckit!
If you’ve ever thrown a slobbery tennis ball for your dog in freezing temperatures, you’ll know that it isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. That’s where the Chuckit! Classic Launcher comes in. It’s like an extension of your arm that prevents you from having to bend down to pick up a slobbery ball; it also helps you throw the ball farther and faster to get your dog’s blood pumping. The linked one also has 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon from 1,280 reviews—that many people can’t be wrong.

Simple Solution All-Day PadsAll-Day Comfort

No dog’s going to want to use a dog pad that is already saturated with urine. Which is why Simple Solution developed brand new All Day Pads that hold up to 10 cups of liquid by converting it into a gel. They’re great for families with multiple dogs, too. Simple Solution’s also got a deal running right now through the end of November (2016) where you can get 20% off all their pads, including their new All Day Pads, if you use the code PADS20 at checkout on their site.

A Treat Game

Our Pets puzzle toy black fridayWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: treats should be accompanied by mental stimulation. That’s why we love toys that make a game out of treat time, like the Our Pets Smarter Interactive IQ Treat Ball, for example. It’s a pretty simple toy but it provides both mental and physical stimulation for medium to large dogs (look for toys that are sized right for your pooch). We’d fill it with our DIY treats, but you can fill it with pretty much any bite-size snack, including kibble. Puzzle toys like this are especially great when you’re leaving for the day and want to create a planned distraction for your pet.