Summer First Aid Tips for Your Furry Friend

Spring is in full swing and summer is almost upon us! You know what that means - lots of opportunities for fun in the sun with your pup. Whether you love hiking the scenic rou...

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What is puppy and kitten season?

Today is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! So go out, adopt a shelter pet, and then come back and keep reading. Done? Good. The reason so many animals end up in shelters i...

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Why You Need to Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered

One of the first decisions pet parents have to make when they adopt a new puppy or kitty is whether to get them spayed or neutered. For some, it’s an easy decision; they wan...

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Dangerous Winter Products to Watch Out For

Along with the cold winter months comes the need for helpful products like antifreeze and hand sanitizer. But did you know many of them contain dangerous chemicals that can ha...

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How to Take Care of Your Senior Pet in Winter

Our senior dogs and cats can’t head to Florida for the winter unless they’re already there.  So how can you make them comfortable even as the temperature drops and the sn...

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Winter Time Pet Fashion Guide

Young golden retriever sitting at the snow

Admit it – we all love to dress up our pets. From clever Halloween costumes to cozy sweaters, keeping up with your pup’s fashion game has become a cultural obsession. But ...

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Winter Pet Clean Up Made Easy

dog with stick in mouth

There’s nothing like the smell of a wet dog in the middle of winter. Yeah, we’re wrinkling our noses, too. Letting your pup slop in the mud or play in the snow is tons of ...

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Helping Your Pet Lose Weight

dog running on grass

Has your pet become husky or — dare we say it — fat?  If your dog or cat is overweight, they’re not alone. The saddest statistic in the world is that the Associati...

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How to Clean Up Pet Vomit

It’s not nice watching our pets vomit.  And then we have to clean it up.  Still, as long as our pets are okay and only have an upset tummy, we can deal with the vomit.  B...

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