OUT! Ocean Breeze Scented Dog Waste Bags Refill Pack, 9×12 in, 120 bags


  • QUICK, EASY, & SIMPLE – OUT! Ocean Breeze Scented Dog Waste Pickup Bags make the unseemly chore of picking up pet waste so quick, easy, and simple you’ll actually look forward to doing it. Okay, maybe not “look forward to,” but you certainly won’t dread it as much.
  • DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A DIRTY JOB – Want to hear some good news? Four words: guaranteed not to tear. Our dog poop pickup bags are strong, durable, and leak-proof. They’re tough enough to hold any mess, and 100% dependable.
  • IT GETS EVEN BETTER – And there's even more good news! These pickup bags fit and refill all OUT! Dog Waste Bag Dispensers. You don’t have to buy a new one!
  • AMPLE BAGS WAITING TO BE FILLED – Package contains 8 rolls with 15 bags per roll. And just to prove how much we want to simplify this part of your life, we’ll even do the math for you. That's 120 individual doggie drop sacks!
  • A VACATION FOR YOUR NOSE – If you must serve as your dog's toilet valet (and you must) you should at least fill your senses with our delightful Ocean Breeze fragrance, rather than … you know.
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