Celebrating Independence Day Like A Dog

Celebrating Independence Day Like A Dog

Dogs in fourth of july hats

Happy 4th of July, readers! Ever wonder how your dog celebrates The Fourth? Well, now we know! Here are the 10 ways your pup celebrates Independence Day…their way!

1. *YAAAAWN* “Can’t believe it’s the big day!”


2. “Welcome guests! Come on in!”


3. “Got my flag ready!”


4. “And my accessories!”


5. “Can’t forget the refreshments!”



6. “Love catching up with my buddies!”


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7. “I wonder if the neighbors know these aren’t my real ears?”

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8. “Don’t forget the sunnies!”


9. “Let the show begin! Happy 4th of July!”


10. “A day well celebrated! Now, I can sleeeeep.”

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