The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) may be the greatest show on earth.  At this annual extravaganza, companies unveil exciting new technologies not only for people, but also for pets!  The show isn’t open to regular folks, but don’t worry; we have spies on the floor reporting back to us.  Here are some of the cool new pet tech products from CES they’ve discovered that you’ll definitely want for your very lucky furry friends:

Petrics Smart Bed

This bed isn’t only for your pet to sleep in.  The Petrics Smart Bed pairs with a collar activity tracker and health and nutrition app to check your dog or cat’s sleep patterns, weight and activity levels.  It even provides dietary recommendations!  And it has climate controls that you can set to the right temperature for your furry buddy to have a good nap.  If you want to spot any health issues your pet might have early on, or your pooch or kitty needs to lose a few pounds, this smart bed might be a good investment.


screen-shot-2018-01-11-at-8-55-28-pmIt had to happen.  Now that pretty much every human on the planet takes selfies, it’s time for our pets to start.  At least that’s what Petcube has decided.  Currently, their Petcube Play interactive pet cam lets pet parents see, talk to, and play with their furry friends when they’re away from home.  And their Petcube Bites device monitors and flings treats.  But once these products get an upgrade, they’ll use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to recognize pets, trigger recordings of pet selfie videos, and start two-way video calls.  With the feature upgrade rolling out to compatible devices this spring, we’ve started giving our pets tips for taking the perfect selfie.  

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker

Tractive already makes GPS trackers for dogs and now they’ve introduced a GPS tracker and collar for cats.  The device lets you track the exact location of your cat on your smartphone or in your browser.  You can also set up a Safe Zone for your cat and once she wanders out of it, you’ll get an alert.  The collar is lightweight and, most important, will break away if it catches on anything.

Sony Aibo Robot Dog

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog but aren’t quite ready, the irresistible Aibo Robot Dog from Sony might tide you over.  Thanks to lots of technology – artificial intelligence (AI), sensors, a speaker, microphones, OLED eyes, cameras and wireless capabilities – this adorable robotic pup is full of personality.  Aibo can do most things a real dog can do:  bark, sit, wag its tail, respond to voice commands, play games, and much, much more, as shown here.  The “adoption” fee is about $1,700 and there’s a monthly subscription charge too, so start saving!

Moodo Scent Machine

We had to include this in our roundup: a smart home fragrance machine.  Just what we pet parents need to hide those sometimes-unpleasant cat and dog smells.  With the stylish Moodo Scent machine, you can mix and match your own signature home scent.  The adjustable fans diffuse four different, complementary scents controlled via an app, Amazon Alexa or manually.  If you prefer, you can use one of their premade scents with names like “Four Seasons” and “Mediterranean Dreams.”  Personally, we’ll go for the “Beach Party” one. If you’re looking for something a bit more economical though, can we direct your attention to our odor buster of choice?

It’s always exciting to see the new technologies coming out of CES, although some of them might not be available for a while.