Along with the cold winter months comes the need for helpful products like antifreeze and hand sanitizer. But did you know many of them contain dangerous chemicals that can harm your pet? Educating yourself on these potential pup health threats is a good idea to keep your beloved pet safe this season. Check out our list of common winter time household items that can put your pooch in danger:


Antifreeze can be essential to keeping your car running smoothly in freezing temperatures. But it can also be lethal if ingested by your dog. Make sure your pup is not around when pouring antifreeze into your car, and thoroughly clean up any spills so he doesn’t lick them up later.

Ice melts

Ice melts are salt compounds used to clear icy roads and provide traction for cars and pedestrians. Unfortunately, traditional ice melts can irritate your pup’s paws and cause health issues if ingested. Opt for non-toxic, pet friendly brands, and put protective booties on your dog when out and about in the cold..

Hand sanitizer

The colder months means flu season, and many use hand sanitizers to keep germs at bay. But the concentrated alcohol levels in hand sanitizer will cause ethanol poisoning if ingested by your pet. Yikes!

Cold and flu medication

If you do end up getting sick this season, you may find yourself reaching for pain relievers, NSAIDs, and decongestants. While they help us as humans feel better, these medications contain chemicals that are known to cause a plethora of health issues in pets – so keep them out of paw’s reach. Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you go throw out every product you own that is potentially harmful to your pet. But it is a good idea to take precautions when it comes to these substances. Keep chemicals in high cabinets that are out of reach for your animal, or use baby-proof safety locks on lower cabinets and drawers. It may be a slight inconvenience for you, but it could save your pet’s life – or at least keep your vet bill down!