Doggie diapers or pads? You know you need one or the other to help keep your pooch and home dry and mess-free. But which one? Doggie diapers or wraps (the male version of diapers) that your pup wears? Or dog pads that you put on the floor so your pup can go potty on them? To help you figure out which is best for you, we’ve pulled together a handy checklist. Just match up your dog’s issue with our recommendations.

House training aid

Use diapers or wraps if your puppy runs around the house between outside potty breaks. Go for dog pads if you’re crate training your puppy (put the pad on the crate floor).

Senior dogs with urinary incontinence

We love our older dogs but they can have problems with leakage. Diapers will absorb the urine and protect your senior dog’s abdomen and legs from getting wet. Which you don’t want to happen because urine can “scald” your pooch if it stays in contact with their skin too long.

Recovering pooch

Your dog may need to wear diapers if he’s recovering from an illness, injury or operation. In these scenarios, he may not be able to move – or move fast enough – to make it outside to go potty.


Is your dog going be in a situation where she’ll get over-stimulated? This can happen if you’re having guests visiting, for example, and lead to “excitable urination.” So play it safe and put him in a diaper if you want your guests to be able to make a fuss of your furry friend. Or put her in a quiet room with a dog pad on the floor, away from all the noise and excitement.

Territorial marking

Some dogs (generally males) like to leave territorial scent marks around the house. Protect your home by having them wear a male wrap.

Females in heat

When your lady dog is in heat, which usually happens a couple of times a year if she’s not spayed, use a diaper. This will protect your carpet, floor, sofa, bed, and your pet’s bed from any traces of blood. Bonus: it will also stop your pooch from constantly licking herself.


If your pup is traveling in a crate, place a pad on the crate floor. If she’s strapped into a doggie car seat, a diaper works best. And if you’re staying in a hotel, you can keep her in the crate with a pad or put a dog pad on the bathroom floor. Or have her wear a diaper while she’s in the room.

Stressful situations

Dogs can get stressed and anxious when their environment changes. This can occur during house moves, for instance, or fireworks nights. The result? Inappropriate elimination. Depending on the situation, either use a diaper or put your pet in a closed room with a dog pad on the floor.

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