Do you need to remove pet stains and odors for your home? Has your dog or cat urinated on your floor, cushions or even your bed? Or perhaps left behind the odor of an accident that went unnoticed until your nose found it? Our resident stain and odor coach, Scott Plasek, spends his days practicing with new formulas and delivery systems for the Simple Solution product line. He knows the right product formulation to use and also the right way to defeat pet stains and discourage repeat marking.

“Accidents” definitely can happen when you have a dog or cat in the family. Being prepared for them is part of being a pet parent. Coach Plasek has created the perfect “Pet Parent’s Playbook for Pet Stains & Odors” to help you best remove pet stains and odors from your home. 

For example, how should you tackle that urine odor, mess or stain? What’s the best way to get rid of them? Coach Plasek recommends first and foremost, buying the right product for the job. Most stain and odor products are specifically formulated for either stains, odors, both stains and odors, or even those for just urine. (Tip: Oxygen-activated (Oxy) formulas are best for removing tough stains!)

Download The Pet Parent’s Playbook for Pet Stains & Odors

We understand these plays can be tricky to remember. We have drawn up a trick play of our own in the following E-book. It will help you choose the right product to tackle your specific pet stain, odor or mess in your house and retake home field advantage!


Petsmart Playbook E-Book Cover