There’s nothing like a beach day with your dog, that’s what we always say. Dog Beach GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Last time we talked about some basic tips for keeping your pooch safe on shore, but now we’re talking products that can increase your dog’s comfort levels so you can spend more time out in or on the water. Dogs are prone to a lot of the issues that humans can have with sun, sand and surf, but unlike yourself, your pooch probably won’t know when enough is enough. Here are a few essentials we pack for our dogs:

A Rash Guard Shirt

Maybe you’re familiar with swim shirts for toddlers? Yeah, it’s basically that, but for your dog. There’s a ton of sizes to choose from, so your pug or pointer can be protected from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays, wet or dry. The fabric has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50, the highest rating possible, so you’ll be reducing your dog’s UV radiation exposure by 50 times. Every beach-loving pup needs at least one of these shirts in their life.


But…a rash guard shirt won’t completely protect your dog’s body. Dogs can get sunburn and skin cancer too, like us humans. So squirt generous amounts of sunscreen on their exposed parts. Buy one formulated for dogs that doesn’t contain zinc oxide or PABA, which can be toxic if swallowed by your pooch. This canine sunscreen from Beach & Dog Co has an all-natural, organic formula minus any fragrances or chemicals. And if there’s one-thing we love, it’s all-natural pet products.

Visor Hat

Okay, so not all dogs love hats. But these sun hats from PlayaPup great hats provide UF 50 sun protection to the face and eyes area. Bonus points: They have a hook and loop Velcro closure to keep the hat on, and a flexible and wide brim to protect your dog’s eyes.


Summer-sweet shades are the beach accessory must-have for dogs. They’ll protect your pup’s eyes from the sun, wind, sand and sea-salt. So get your pup some sunnies from Doggles. They offer 100 percent UV protection and have shatterproof lenses.

Strong Waste Pick-Up Bags and Bag Dispenser

Okay, so maybe this won’t exactly increase your dog’s comfort levels, but some strong pick-up bags like Bags on Board Hand Armor will probably make you more comfortable picking up your dog’s poop in a wet and sandy setting. The extra bag thickness will help you feel just a little less yucky, which is welcome relief. So now you and your dog are really ready to hit the sand, sun and surf. To the dog beach!