We’ve mentioned before how much we love everything about fall—especially college football—but it just comes down to the fact that there’s an energy about this season. From the leaves turning colors to the crispness in the air, fall is a perfect time to get outside and do something. And when we get up and go, we always take our pets with us. Here are 5 fall activities we love to do with our pets:

1. Playing Football


Footballs can provide loads of fun for dogs. The ball’s shape makes fetching, catching and playing a whole lot more unpredictable, which makes it great for passing time. Even dogs that can’t fit the ball in their mouths will love chasing the bouncing pigskin. We recommend using a ball made for dogs though, like KONG’s version, so teeth won’t ruin your signed Peyton Manning football.

2. Camping


What better way to see nature’s color-changing magic than getting out into it? Camping with your dog or cat (yes, your cat too!) can be the ultimate way to experience autumn. Make sure your campground allows pets first, though, and always bring pet waste pick-up bags to “leave no trace” of your pet’s waste. Animals living in the area do not appreciate the scents your pet leaves in the wild.

3. Playing in Leaf Piles


The no-brainer of the bunch: playing in leaf piles is one of fall’s go-to activities and dogs especially find it completely fascinating. Get your dog or cat involved and you can have some great family fun. We recommend freshly-raked piles even though leaf piles will rarely house ticks or other pests. That way you can remove sticks and other foreign objects that might cause issues.

To be completely safe from pests, we would also recommend checking your pets for ticks when the fun is done. Treating the rare tick is easy too, with natural options like Vet’s Best Natural Flea + Tick Spray so you can play with confidence!

4. Picking out Pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch

Who doesn’t love going to the pumpkin patch? If your pumpkin patch allows pets (some don’t—check before you leave), your pup will love checking it out. A couple considerations: if your dog doesn’t like kids, it’s better to leave him at home. The pumpkin patch with kids running around everywhere isn’t a great time to get your pooch acquainted with children. And always bring a leash and waste bags with you—pet poop doesn’t make good fertilizer for anything.

Also consider picking out an extra pumpkin for carving your pooch’s face on it—here are templates for just such a thing: http://www.bhg.com/halloween/pumpkin-carving/pumpkin-carving-stencils-of-favorite-dogs/

5. Incorporating Your Pet Into Your Halloween Plans

Three words: Pets. In. Costume. The best costumes incorporate your pet into your own costume, so look for some awesome combinations like Sherlock and Watson, Batman and Robin or even a hot dog family!

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We want to hear about your favorite fall pet activities in the comments below. We’ll also have more about incorporating your pets into your Halloween plans next month, so bookmark LTPL and check back often!