Pet stains and odors: your nose is usually the first to alert you. Your cat has urinated on your carpet, on your cushions, or even in your bed. Or your dog has pooped in your home. Or maybe it’s your eyes that alert you—to a pile of pet vomit.

These types of “accidents” can happen when you have a dog or cat in the family and being prepared for them, and dealing with them, is all part of being a good pet parent.

It’s always important to make sure your kitty or pooch doesn’t have any health problems that are causing them to make a mess in the home. (You’ll want to visit your vet for a check up if you suspect anything out of the ordinary).

If not, then it’s time to tackle the pet stains and odors. What’s the best way to get rid of them? We asked Scott Plasek, the pet stain and odor expert with Simple Solution, who literally spends his days testing formulas and delivery systems to find the best ones for eliminating stains and discouraging repeat marking. In this post, Scott tells us his best tips and tricks for getting rid of pet stains.

  • First, buy the right product for the job. There are products on the market formulated specifically for pet stains, for odors, for both stain and odors, and even just for urine. Scott tells us that oxygen-activated (Oxy) formulas are best for removing tough stains. Also, an aerosol product with a continuous power spray is preferable to one with a trigger spray because it allows you to delivery more product, reach a wider area and penetrate the product deeper into the fibers.
  • Use paper towels to pick up the mess and soak up any liquid. Then rinse the stain once with cold water. (If you’re dealing with pet feces, use a pet waste pick-up bag to dispose of it.)
  • Douse the soiled area with pet stain remover. For carpets, Scott says pet urine leaks down into the backing and spreads for several inches. It’s best to spray a ring several inches outside the stain area and then flood the inside with the stain remover. Make sure you spray enough liquid on the stain. Keep spraying until it’s really wet—but not saturated, which could cause mold.
  • Let it dry. Then vacuum.
  • Treat old stains differently than new stains. You need to use more stain remover and let it stay wet for longer.
  • Clean stained bedding, pet beds and other fabrics in the washing machine. Use an Oxy product, let it sit for an hour or two, then wash in warm water if the fabric label says it allows this temperature.

If you follow these tips, your home will soon be free of pet stains…until the next time, that is!

A Simple Solution product to try on your pet stains: Extreme Stain & Odor Remover.

In our next post on this topic, Scott will share his tips for finding and getting rid of pet odors.