National Cat Day is here again, and we love this holiday because it gives us a reason to celebrate our feline friends and, of course, their eccentricities. So for one day only, we’re going to live life like our cats, doing things like:

Sleeping in;


Being just generally cute;


Eating whatever;


Napping in impossible positions;


Chasing red dots;


Napping again;

Already had our heart stolen ?❤️✨ @ssj4cabello // #kittensofinstagram

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Waiting till 4am to exercise;

It's #CATURDAY! Permission to go crazy. #catsofinstagram #blackcat #crazycat

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Cuddling with someone special;


And getting some well-deserved sleep after a long day!


How about you—How are you celebrating National Cat Day? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter, @Simple_Solution or @VetsBest!