Houston and the surrounding communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey are now in recovery, assessing damage and moving their focus on rebuilding homes and businesses. The aftermath of this natural disaster will continue for months if not years ahead. So many have donated their time, talents and financial resources to aid these communities. The pet community is no different and many are still looking for ways to help families, shelters and rescues in need. Here are some ways you can help:

Donating to Shelters

First, for the weeks ahead, Houston-area shelters and rescues are in most need of donations – mostly monetary – to pay for supplies, resources and in some cases, transport of animals to other cities. Even the smallest of donations will help these organizations to continue to do their jobs. Many also have set up Amazon wish lists, which makes the purchase and shipment of supplies that much easier. Here are just a few:

Donating to National Groups Providing Large-Scale Assistance

Second, in addition to on-the-ground rescues and shelters, also support big national groups as they will be providing the large-scale assistance these communities will need over time. The Humane Society, ASPCA, SPCA of Texas, Petco Foundation and Best Friends Animal Society are just a few aiding in these large-scale rescue efforts, providing emergency assistance to pet parents in shelters and providing shelter. But, over time, many of these groups will help with communities’ overall animal assistance and recovery.

Adopting or Fostering a Shelter Pet

Finally, and perhaps one of the best ways you can help, is to adopt a pet or become a foster. This is truly the best time as so many shelters are at capacity and foster families are in high demand. By adopting a pet now, you offer perhaps the greatest gift: freeing up space for other pets to come into a shelter. Volunteers will be needed by shelters – just be sure to call and coordinate so that your time can be scheduled and put to the best use. Here’s a list of organizations you can contact if you’d like to help:

One final word: natural disasters such as these are always a good time to evaluate your family’s natural disaster preparedness plan, including one for your pet.