Today, we want to share some really exciting news. For the first time in a number of years, our family of pet brands is growing! Please help us welcome Buffalo Range Treats to the family ???. Buffalo Range Natural Rawhide Chews Tout You might be asking why we decided to add a line of natural treats to our family of pet care products. Well, the answer is quite…natural. Many pet parents know that we’re huge fans of everything natural for our pets, whether it’s flea & tick related or sustainable and biodegradable dog bags. So the treat space was a logical next step. So many dog treats on the market are filled with filler ingredients, dyes and other stuff you really don’t want your pet to consume. We thought we could do better. For our Buffalo Range All Natural Buffalo Rawhide Chews, we sourced only 100% pasture-raised and grass-fed water buffalo (which is sustainable and humanely raised) and combined it with just two other ingredients — vegetable glycerin and natural hickory smoked flavor — for a better rawhide. Nothing artificial and no fillers. And definitely no hormones. To address the elephant in the room about the safety of rawhide, we’ve also gone to lengths to ensure that the treats are gentle on dogs’ stomachs and are fully digestible. We’re committed to your dog’s safety. You can click here to learn even more about the new Buffalo Range All Natural Rawhide Chews and if you want to try them out, you can find them at Wal-Mart stores in the pet aisle or online at Buffalo Range’s website. Our new line of buffalo chews joins the rest of the Retail Products Group’s family of companies:

  • Simple Solution. Like its name, Simple Solution offers simple solutions for pet care. We’re talking diapers and pads, as well as a popular line of cleaning products for dog and cat messes.
  • Vet’s Best. Yes, all the products from Vet’s Best are veterinarian recommended. And made from natural, safe ingredients. They include health supplements for dogs and flea and tick products for cats, plus a lot more.
  • Bags on Board. When it comes to pet poop, Bags on Board has you covered. It offers fashion dispensers and waste pick-up bags to suit all needs.
  • OUT! Pet Care. You can find a wide range of quality pet care products at affordable prices from OUT! Pet Care.

If you have any questions about our new buffalo chews, please leave a comment below. We’d also love you to share photos on our Facebook page of your dog enjoying them.