Ah, winter time. There’s a chill in the air that makes everything feel cozy. The ground might be covered in a magical blanket of snow. But what to do when your pup is used to spending his time outside? And how do you keep your home clean with the mess he’s bound to track in? Don’t worry, we have some expert solutions!

Indoor Activities

dog looking out the window at rain - Jack Russell TerrierYour outdoor-loving dog may develop a sour attitude when the winter weather keeps them indoors. Here are some ideas to keep your pup’s brain actively preoccupied when he’s stuck inside:

  • Brush up on obedience training or teach a new trick. Use this time to remind your pup how to sit and stay, or teach them a new trick – like how to bring you a blanket when you’re curled up on the couch ?
  • Use dog toys that dispense treats. There are several dog toys on the market that slowly drop treats as your pooch plays with them, like this Kong Wobbler. This kind of toy encourages your dog to keep playing, keeping their attention away from less desirable pastimes – like chewing your favorite pair of shoes out of boredom.
  • Give your dog a puzzle to solve. Like the treat dispensing toys, doggy puzzles keep them busy while temporarily cooped up inside. Try something like this one from Trixie Pet, or make your own by placing tennis balls in a cupcake tin. It’s harder than you might think to get those balls free when you don’t have opposable thumbs!

Keep Things Clean

When the weather is nice enough for your dog to go back outside, make sure the mess stays out there too. Don’t let your pup track mud, snow and other debris through your clean home. Take a look at our solutions for keeping clean indoors:

  • Use quilted pads as doggy doormats. Give your pup a place to wipe his paws. Placing these pads just inside the door will help trap loose dirt and snow as your pet comes back inside. We recommend the XXL size for the most mess-preventing power.
  • Stay on top of your cleaning. While the quilted pads are sure to ward off some of the mess, a little dirt getting tracked around is inevitable. Using a multi-surface cleaner like this one makes taking care of those paw prints a breeze from the carpet to the concrete and everything in between.
  • Don’t forget about your dog! Keeping your home mess-free is most likely your top priority, but making sure your pet stays clean during the winter can be just as challenging. When it’s too cold for a bath, try this body mist that acts as a doggy deodorant and coat softener. Say goodbye to smelly!

What are your favorite winter time doggy parenting hacks? Let us know in the comments below!