andrew-haimerl-526180 February 16th marks the start of the Chinese New Year! This year is the Year of the Dog, which makes it extra special to us, of course. The Chinese zodiac follows a twelve-year cycle, which means the last Year of the Dog was in 2006 and the next won’t be until 2030. So while it’s here, we’re taking extra advantage of the opportunity to celebrate our favorite furry friends. Personality traits associated with the Year of the Dog include loyalty, honesty, amiability, kindness, caution, and prudence. Sounds like a pup you know, right? Lucky colors for the Year of the Dog include red, green, and purple, and the numbers three, four, and nine are said to bring luck as well. andrew-haimerl-554654 Dig into the Chinese zodiac a little deeper and you’ll find that this particular year is the Year of the Earth Dog. Earth Dogs are known for being communicative, serious, and responsible in work. Famous Earth Dogs include Madonna and Michael Jackson! Take advantage of this chance to celebrate your pup a little more this Chinese New Year. And if you’ve been waiting for a sign to adopt a new furry friend, this might just be it. Tell us how you’re planning to celebrate in the comments!