Pawsitively-Pets-blog-badgeThis is a guest post from Ann Staub of Pawsitively Pets. Ann is a former Veterinary Technician of 5 years. She graduated college as a Vet Tech in 2007 and has worked with all kinds of animals including cats, dogs, birds, small mammals, and reptiles. Now, she’s a professional pet blogger sharing her adventures and knowledge at her blog, Pawsitively Pets.


Instagram is a popular social media network that allows users to share tidbits of their life with friends online through photographs and video. To use Instagram, you’ll need to have a smartphone and download the Instagram app.

While you can find stunning photos of just about any topic on Instagram, one popular trend today are pet accounts. Pet parents enjoy sharing photographs of their pets online and Instagram allows them to do this while making new friends. Many pets now have their own personal Instagram accounts where they post in their own voices to share their stories and some of them have impressive amounts of followers.

Photo credit: Ann Staub for Pawsitively Pets
So how can you make your pet Instagram famous? It may take a lot of dedication, but at the very least you should be able to garner a few hundred followers easily. Here are a few tips to get you started.

What Is Your Focus?

Ask yourself what you want your Instagram account to be about first. Is it about the life of your dog or cat? Try to focus on what makes your pet special and give them a fun, attention-grabbing voice.

Post Good Quality Photos

Photo credit: Ann Staub for Pawsitively Pets
Photo credit: Ann Staub for Pawsitively Pets
Post photos that are clear, well lit, interesting and/or amusing. If your photos are dark, blurry and grainy, they are not likely to grab someone’s attention. Be creative and have fun with your photos and videos!

Use Videos Too

While photos make up the majority of Instagram, the social media platform also allows users to post short videos. Videos are an excellent way to show your Instagram followers what your pet is like in action.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags on Instagram will help you connect with other like-minded people. By adding a few relevant hashtags to your Instagram posts, other users will be able to find and follow you easier.

Don’t Be Spammy

The last thing you want to do is annoy your followers. Don’t post a photo every 5 minutes. A few Instagram posts a day should be fine. More is not always better!

Make Friends

Photo credit: Ann Staub for Pawsitively Pets
Photo credit: Ann Staub for Pawsitively Pets
Find other pet accounts to follow that interest you. Leave comments and like the photos of others. Many will follow you back if they find that your account interests them. Even if your pet never becomes an Instagram superstar with thousands of followers, you’ll still probably make a few online friends along the way. Remember to have fun!