You’ve probably seen them on the shelf of your local pet store: trendy pet products. They’re everywhere, from doggy treadmills and hammocks to jewelry and even a Cadillac for cats. Making your pet trendy is…trending. If you’re looking for a few ways to bring the stylishness home to your pet, look no further. We’ve outlined three ways you can turn your pet into an icon of style:

Give them their own house

Photo Credit: GloGirly (learn how to get great photos of your pet's personality here)
Photo Credit: GloGirly
(learn how to get great photos of your pet’s personality here)
Yes, there are houses for dogs and cats. Your dog is sure to love this house, which pays homage to the Bauhaus design. Or she might prefer to live the life of a rock star with a luxurious custom dog house. We must warn you though that they’re all very expensive and you might need a second mortgage on your own home to buy one. And let’s not forget our kitties. We adore these outdoor purr-friendly houses designed by architects as part of a fundraiser to benefit animal charities. Unfortunately they’re not for sale, but there’s always DIY.

Serve them the best foods and treats

Still feeding your furry friend plain old commercial pet food? It’s time to switch! Trendy pets want only natural foods that are good for them and the planet. And when it comes to treats, forget chicken or beef, your pet wants buffalo. Our new favorite: Buffalo Range All Natural Buffalo Rawhide treats made with only four ingredients. They’re free from all the bad stuff too. That includes anything artificial – colors, flavors, or preservatives. And they have no added salt, sugar, corn, gluten or wheat. It goes without saying that everything should be served in style. And you can’t get more stylish than an Alessi Lulu Cat or Dog Bowl.

Dress them up

French bulldog dressed up in santa costumeForget the usual pet clothes you see in stores, you want pet couture! Designer Anthony Rubio is the real deal. He shows his collections during New York Fashion Week! And here’s what’s really cool. He partners with animal shelters and animal rescue organizations so he can include dogs that are up for adoption in his show. We have to admit we’ve fallen in love with all these adorable clothes for kitties. The only problem being that they’re for sphinx cats. But not to worry, we have other suggestions. Every trendy kitty needs a hat, right? Well here you can find the perfect spring bonnet, French beret or bow for your kitty. Très chic! We agree it can take a lot of time and money to turn pets into trendsetters. And our furry friends are probably quite happy anyway being unhip, with their regular beds and cozy old sweaters. But changing to healthy, safe, natural pet foods and treats? Well, we’re on board with that. Plus, think about all the Instagrammable moments you’ll get.