How many apps do you have on your smartphone? You might want to make room for a few more. We want to tell you about some really great apps for pet parents that we think you will absolutely love. They can certainly make life easier and more entertaining – and even help in emergencies.

mapmydogwalkMap My Dog Walk – GPS Dog Walking Tracker (for dogs & their humans)

No more excuses for you and your pooch not to hit your health and fitness goals! This app lets you log your walks together, track your calories and sync with your free account at  The app records the duration and distance of your walk, your pace and speed and even the elevation. You can save this info and upload it to and view your route, walk data and workout history. The app’s new training dashboard lets you set and track weekly goals, view training intensity, monitor your recovery and connect your gear all in one place.  

ikibblefreeiKibble Free (for dogs)

Not sure which foods for humans you can give your dog? Then you definitely need this app! It lets you scroll through common foods – including meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables and grains – to see if they’re suitable for your pooch. The app provides descriptions and advice for foods, has a “bones” rating system, lets you keep notes – and even has doggy sounds. For example, chocolate as we’re sure you know is a big “no-no” and it gets a one bone rating, a warning that it’s highly toxic for dogs and a suggestion to try carob instead. Press the sound button and you’ll get pretty much the same advice in doggie language.    


Pet First Aid by American Red Cross (for dogs and cats)

This app is chock-full of good stuff, providing veterinary advice and guidance on everything from preventative care to dealing with everyday medical emergencies. You can use the app to learn first aid steps for over 25 common pet situations – we love that there’s a combination of text, video and images – and to identify common toxic substances. Want to know about allergic reactions? CPR? Frostbite? Shock? Then this app is for you. It also has “how to” videos for common and stressful emergency situations, lets you customize multiple pet profiles and set veterinary appointments, and toggle between cat and dog content.

Amazon Dash Button for Vet’s Best (for cats and dogs)

And finally, if you like gadgets, check out the Amazon Dash Button for Vet’s Best. It’s a Wi-Fi connected device that lets you reorder your favorite Vet’s Best natural care products for cats and dogs with the press of a button. Amazon’s popular Dash Button program is available to Prime members and simple to set up: use the Amazon shopping app on your Smartphone to connect the Dash Button to your home Wi-Fi network and then select the products you want to reorder. Once connected, a single press of Dash Button automatically places the order – with Prime free shipping – so you never run out of your favorite Vet’s Best products again! fb-amazon-dash-v2

Do you have any apps for pets that you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments below.