LTPL-Travel Checklist for DogsTaking dog on a flight Traveling with our pets. It’s so great a trend that the pet product, hospitality and travel industries are responding, with many hotels, restaurants and other attractions becoming more and more pet-friendly every day. However, even though many of these businesses can and will provide basic amenities like bowls of water for your pet, it’s really ideal for pet parents to travel with a bag packed for their own pet. Many dogs or cats need specific foods, medications or even a favorite toy that will make the journey much more enjoyable for everyone. We’re sharing our ultimate pet travel kit for dogs today, including items we have learned over the years can be important for a safe, fun and healthy journey with your pet.

The Ultimate Pet Travel Pack For Dogs

Ultimate Pet Travel Kit for Dogs

The Pack

Whether your pack goes on your dog’s back (or side) or your own, it’s important to have one that can handle the weight and bulk of whatever items you bring along. Bringing everything you need to make your pet comfortable is more important while traveling than carrying less weight—unless you’re backpacking with your dog.


Even when your travel destination is pet-friendly, most are going to want your dog on a lead or controllable in some other way. We have a simple leash for walks in this pack.

Food and Medications

If your pet requires a specific diet or medication, you will likely be better off bringing it with you. The simple fact is, not all brands of food or medication are available in all areas—especially if you’re traveling to another country. A note on pet travel stress: we always bring along a calming supplement like Vet’s Best Comfort Calm Soft Chews for dogs. One of the great things about these supplements is that it’s a once-a-day dosage, so it means you don’t have to perform algebra to properly dose your pet. Comfort Calm provides non-drowsy relaxation and motion sickness relief with natural ingredients like ginger, chamomile and tryptophan. We rely on Comfort Calm when it comes to airline and automobile travel alike.

Collapsible Water Bowl and Water

As we mentioned previously, many hotels or restaurants will provide water to your dog free of charge. But what about when you’re not in the hotel or at a restaurant? That’s when a collapsible bowl and a small bottle of water can be a lifesaver.

Waste Pickup Bags and Dispenser

We don’t go anywhere without our Bags on Board waste bags and dispenser. The included dookie dock that came with the blue bone dispenser is super useful when we can’t immediately find a waste bin while traveling. It allows you to hook full bags to it so you don’t have to carry it while walking.

Dog Training Pads

OUT_Dog_wth_leash_on_Pad-1200Maybe your pet is an experienced traveler and doesn’t have training problems. Dog pads can still be useful to catch mud and moisture when you groom them, or to line a pet travel crate. Dog pads are very versatile pet parenting multi-taskers.

Flea, Tick & Pest Products

It pays to be prepared for fleas and ticks, especially if you’re planning on visiting the Eastern and Midwest portions of the U.S. This map illustrates how severe flea and tick activity is in the United States, and the regions that are particularly affected. Wipes that kill pests on contact—and provide a targeted application—are some of our favorite products for managing fleas and ticks. During the summer, consider a mosquito repellant as well—use something without DEET for dogs and people. We use Natural Care‘s mosquito repellant that uses naturally sourced plant extracts like Lemongrass and Geraniol.

Your Pet’s Favorite Toy

Your dog’s favorite toy smells like home and is familiar. Bring it along for an extra bit of comfort when you’re on the road or in the air. Dog Travel Packing List Tout

What else do you bring for your pets when you travel? Share your tips in the comments!