Congratulations, you’re getting married! Are you inviting your pet to your wedding? Once upon a time it would have been considered an unusual thing to do. But nowadays many couples want their furbaby in attendance when they exchange vows. And to be honest, we think it’s an adorable trend. If your pooch or kitty has the right temperament to handle all the excitement on your big day, here’s how to plan a wedding that includes your beloved pet:

  • Choose a wedding and reception venue that’s pet friendly.  Find out if there are any restrictions on where your pet can go.
  • Decide on your pet’s role.  Will your pet pal be a guest or play a part in the ceremony?  Ring bearer?  Best dog or cat?  Flower pooch or kitty?  Hound or feline of honor?  Will they walk down the aisle or be carried?  A lot will depend on your pet’s personality and how well-behaved (or not!) they are.
  • Let your photographer know in advance your pet will be in your wedding.  This way they can come up with some creative ideas for formal and informal shots.  Take along treats such as Buffalo Range All Natural Buffalo Rawhide Treats for dogs to get your pet’s attention when it’s time for their close-up.
  • Go shopping for a cute wedding outfit for your pet.  How dressed up do you want your furry friend on your big day?  What will they tolerate?  Do you want to coordinate their color palette with yours?  For male doggies and kitties, consider a tuxedo suit or bow tie with a top hat.  For the ladies, a dress or tutu with a fresh floral crown or garland will look lovely.  (Make sure the flowers at your wedding aren’t toxic to pets.)  Or keep it simple: a colorful leash and collar with your wedding rings attached.  

french bulldog wearing a red bowtie while posing looking up

  • Ask a member of the bridal party to look after and supervise your pet.  Someone who your furry friend is familiar with and relaxed around.  Or hire a professional pet-sitter.  Write up a list of their responsibilities and your pet’s duties during your nuptials.
  • Figure out what your pet will need on your wedding day.  This could include a pet carrier for a small dog or cat; fresh water; pet food if it’s going to be a long day; bowls; treats to reward good behavior; waste pick-up bags and a dispenser such as these to use during doggie bathroom breaks, or a small litter box filled with litter for kitty potty time.
  • Include your pet in the wedding rehearsal.  This will let your pooch or kitty become familiar with the venue and you can put them through their paces.
  • Pamper your pet with a grooming session the day before your wedding.  You want your four-legged pal to look paw-fect and smell good on your big day!

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