Get down! Get off! Yes, even the most even-tempered pet parent can sometimes lose their cool and shout these commands at their kitty or pooch. And when their pet jumps on a piece of off-limits furniture, or runs in a no-go area of the garden, who can blame them? We admit we’ve even done it ourselves. But as with everything, there are always solutions. And we’ve found some popular ways to protect your home and yard from your pet’s antics that we want to share with you. Toilet: They may make Insta-worthy shots, but your pet jumping up on the toilet seat to drink out of the bowl – well that’s plain nasty! Not to mention it poses a health risk. The obvious solution is to keep toilet lid down when it’s not in use. But if that tends not to happen in your household, it may be time to think about buying a toilet seat with a lid that automatically closes, such as this one. Genius! Also, ask yourself why your pet is drinking water out of your toilet. Does she have enough cool, fresh water in her bowl? Pets don’t like warm, stale water. If you’re out all day, buying a pet water fountain such as these made by PetSafe may be the way to go. Sofa: So you have a new sofa untouched by pet claws and fur – and you want it to stay that way. Cue sad face kitty or pooch. They just know how comfortable those seat cushions are going to be. The easiest solution (we like easy)? Keep your old sofa and let your pets do what they want with it. It may not fit in with your new décor, but hey, your pet will be happy. Not so keen on this idea? Then why not give them their own pet sofa? We’re in love with this trendy one in several colors from PetMate. 61loj4kyvl-_sl1500_ Still having problems? Then try spraying your sofa with a pet repellent such as the new Indoor/Outdoor Repellent from Simple Solution. It has a powerful scent that we humans can’t smell, but our dogs and cats can — and they don’t like it. Suddenly those sofa cushions don’t look so inviting. And good news. The pet repellent works on all kinds of furniture and rugs, too. Smiling Gardener with a watering canYard/Garden. This is a tough one. Both kitties and doggies love to dig in gardens, sit on outdoor furniture and sniff around in trash cans. Let’s face it; they think your outdoor space belongs to them. Well there are a few simple things you can do to deter your furry friend and save your sanity. Put up a fence around your flower beds. Lay chicken wire on the ground — our pet’s paws don’t like the feel of it. Use motion-activated sprinklers to scare them away. And for a complete, Star Wars-like force barrier, spray everything with the Simple Solution Indoor/Outdoor Repellent. That includes patio furniture, flower beds and trash cans. Well perhaps not everything. How about giving your pet their very own bit of garden to play around and dig in? If you follow these tips there will be no more “get down” and “get off,” only “good boy” or “good girl.” Much better.