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The leader in pet waste pick-up, Bags on Board, has launched GREEN PUPS™, a line of environmentally-conscious waste pick-up bags made with natural lignin, a renewable resource left over from the papermaking industry. Until now, eco-friendly pet parents have been limited to using corn-based bags that require water and energy to grow and harvest the needed corn, resulting in higher costs and not soenvironmentally-friendly side effects. The company has signed an industry-exclusive agreement with Dallas-based cycleWood Solutions to produce GREEN PUPS, which will be manufactured using cycleWood’s award-winningXylomer™ Technology.

Features and Benefits

  • GREEN PUPS waste pick-up bags are made using cycleWood Solutions’ patented technology, Xylomer™ – a bio-resin material made withnatural, plant-based lignin which breaks down faster than regular plastic.
  • Because GREEN PUPS uses the surplus lignin from paper mills, less lignin needs to be burned or disposed of as part of making paper, providing a secondary benefit to the environment.
  • GREEN PUPS gives pet parents an affordable, sustainable alternative to regular waste pick-up bags made from fossil fuel plastics.
  • GREEN PUPS contains no soil-contaminating additives and do not require the resources needed to grow and harvest corn.
  • The GREEN PUPS packaging is made from recycled paper.
  • Refill rolls are compatible with all Bags on Board dispensers and will feature a “core-less” design to further reduce plastic waste.
  • GREEN PUPS bags are guaranteed leak-proof and have built-in odor control.
  • To demonstrate their commitment to the environment, Bags on Board and cycleWood Solutions will donate a portion of all GREEN PUPS sales to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant new trees. The companies have committed to help plant at least 5,000 new trees in the first year of Green Pups sales.

Costs and Availability

The new GREEN PUPS waste pick-up bags will be available in pet specialty stores beginning Summer 2015 and will include:

  • GREEN PUPS Refill Rolls (120ct./MSRP $16.99).
  • GREEN PUPS Handle Pick-up Bags (100ct./MSRP $16.99).
  • GREEN PUPS Refill Rolls (60ct./MSRP $9.99).



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