What’s New For doggie bath time to be a more pleasant experience, pet parents want a shampoo that’s quick and easy to apply all over their pet’s body – and a product that lets them extend the time between baths, while still keeping their dog fresh and smelling great. To meet these needs, OUT! is introducing:

  • Easy Spray Shampoos with 360° continuous spray, providing superior cleansing and moisturizing properties with each of the new shampoos. Easy Spray shampoos are designed for fast and easy application using a breakthrough functional package.
  • Body Mists, alcohol and dye-free, that gently freshen and condition a dog’s coat in-between baths with a fine, consistent mist.

Easy Spray Shampoos: Features and Benefits

  • OUT!’s uniquely-designed and environmentally-friendly “easy spray” cans allow pet parents to hold their dog with one hand while using the other to apply a gentle, continuous spray all over their pooch’s body – even the hard-to-reach underbelly. The easy-to-grip can makes dog bathing extremely fast and easy.
  • With the easy-grip bottle and 360-degree spray, pet parents can spray, lather, and rinse a wet dog in as little as 3 minutes.
  • Developed to deliver multiple benefits in one product, each shampoo targets a specific skin or coat issue plus includes conditioner, vitamins A and E for a healthier skin and coat – and long-lasting odor control with OUT’s proven odor control technology. The shampoos, which also have their own unique scent, include:
    • Oatmeal Shampoo, with soothing oatmeal to moisturize the skin and coat and a Brown Sugar scent.
    • Shed Stop Shampoo, with Pro Vitamin B5 to help reduce excess shedding and a Sweet Berry Scent.

Body Mists: Features and Benefits

  • Formulated with special odor-eliminating properties, the Body Mists leave dogs smelling fresh and clean, allowing pet parents to extend the time between doggie baths.
  • The Body Mists include OUT!’s odor controlled technology, which eliminates all odors.
  • The spray mists are available in two fragrances: Clean Cotton and Spring Fresh.

Additional Product Benefits

  • Because of their design and use of compressed air, the shampoo and body mist bottles deliver a consistent spray versus pump applicators, which can be abrupt, noisy and leaky.
  • All four products have scratch and sniff stickers at the bottom of the bottles so that dog parents can sample their scents before purchase.

Costs and Availability The new OUT! Easy Spray shampoos, which come in a 9.2 oz. bottle, will have an MSRP of $6.99. OUT’s new Body Mists, available in a 6.3 oz. bottle, will have an MSRP of $5.99. Easy Spray shampoos and Body Mists will be available at Walmart in March 2015. Website www.outpetcare.com Social Media

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