Designed for Busy Cat Parents Looking for a Hassle Free Litter their Kitties Will Love,

Simple Solution is the Only Litter that Stays Odor Free for 30 Days

ORLANDO, Fla., GLOBAL PET EXPO BOOTH #1835, (March 12, 2014) – Most cat parents have five requirements on their cat litter wish list: The litter must keep their homes free from cat odors, require little maintenance, be lightweight and easy to use, be affordable – and most important, their cats must love it. Now, with the introduction of Simple Solution® 30 day Super Absorbent Litter – a new cat litter made from super absorbent, lightweight pure attapulgite clay combined with an exclusive odor-eliminating technology – there is a product that meets all their needs.

We designed Simple Solution cat litter to not only make life easier for cat parents, but also to make visiting the litter box a more pleasant experience for their kitties,” said Brandon Najarian, senior product manager with The Bramton Company. “A litter that needs little attention, while remaining clean and with a fresh-smelling fragrance, adds up to happy cat parents and their kitties.”

Cat parents will appreciate not having to constantly scoop out urine clumps and, because Simple Solution controls odors for up to 30 days, that they can go for a month without changing the litter box. And cats finally have an alternative to the rough feel of regular clay litter as attapulgite clay’s soft texture is gentle on paws – and made more so by an infusion of aloe.

The super absorbent low-dust attapulgite clay used in Simple Solution cat litter, together with the company’s proprietary technology that attracts, attacks and neutralizes odor molecules, makes the litter smell fresh for a month, even in multi-cat households.

In addition, Simple Solution is non-clumping – attapulgite has the ability to continually absorb both urine moisture and odor – so users don’t have to scoop out urine balls all the time; is half the weight of competitive standard clay litters, making it easier to lift and carry, and has a long-lasting light, pleasant fragrance that freshens the air around the litter box. Another benefit of Simple Solution’s absorbency and odor control is the need to purchase less litter on a monthly basis. As a bonus, Simple Solution comes in a box with dual grip handles and an easy-to-pour spout.

Najarian also noted that, unlike the drab grey color of standard cat litter, “Simple Solution cat litter is a more aesthetically-pleasing pink that brightens up the look of cat litter boxes.”

Attapulgite Clay

While most cat litters use bentonite clay, which clumps when wet without eliminating odors, the attapulgite clay used in Simple Solution cat litter is different: it absorbs 300 percent more liquid and is able to rejuvenate itself repeatedly while staying intact. In other words, its super absorbent properties keep it from clumping. As a result, cat owners never have to scoop out urine clumps. Attapulgite clay also draws the smell and moisture from cat feces, leaving it dry and odorless in the box so it doesn’t have to be scooped out so often. It also weighs less that bentonite clay litter, with 9 lbs of Simple Solution equaling the effectiveness of 14 lbs of conventional bentonite clumping litter.


The new Simple Solution 30 day cat litter is available in two size, 9 lbs. and 15 lbs., with an MSRP of $10.99 to $15.99. Starting in March 2014, Simple Solution cat litter will be available at pet specialty retailers nationwide, as well as available for purchase online. Simple Solution will be supporting the launch of its new Simple Solution 30 day Super Absorbent Litter with an integrated marketing campaign that includes advertising, PR and social media.

To learn more about Simple Solution 30 day cat litter and find a retail store in their neighborhood, cat owners can visit, like Simple Solution on Facebook, or follow @Simple_Solution on Twitter. They also can join the online conversation about Simple Solution by using the #30DayBliss hashtag on Twitter.


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