Today is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! So go out, adopt a shelter pet, and then come back and keep reading. Done? Good. The reason so many animals end up in shelters is because of stray dogs and cats breeding while out on the streets. This happens at certain times every year, which we refer to as puppy and kitten season. Here, we’re going to further explain puppy and kitten season and let you know how you can help control the stray population.

When is Puppy and Kitten Season?

From the warmer spring months all the way through the fall, cats and dogs instinctively breed with each other and have kittens and puppies. This means homeless and stray cats and dogs are having babies all summer long, severely increasing the amount of animals on the streets. These animals often die of the hardships that go along with street survival, or are taken to overrun shelters who may end up putting the animal down due to lack of resources. Of course, there are success stories of adoption, but with the high volume of young animals flooding shelters those stories pale in numbers to the epidemic that is puppy and kitten season.

Get Involved!

Would you like to help keep stray animals from breeding? Perhaps you’d like to volunteer your time to help save those extra orphans? There are ways to do both, and both are very much needed! If you have the ability, it is a great idea to put stray cats in your community through what’s called “trap, neuter, release.” Read Why You Need To Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered. This means setting out a trap to catch stray male cats or dogs, taking them in to get neutered, and then releasing them back into their territory. It is extremely important that you release your stray in the same spot you trapped him, as cats are very territorial and would not like being placed in an entirely new community. You can also volunteer to help save orphan puppies and kittens in two ways – by helping out at your local shelter or by signing up to foster little furballs at your own home. Either way, you’ll be acting as a much-needed resource to the shelter you’re serving. Plus, you get to play with puppies and kittens! So there you have it, a rundown of kitten and puppy season and how to help reduce the number of animals roaming the streets. Happy National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!