pet-mess-odors-1200x628 Controlling pet stains and odors is a science. Which is why we turned to the scientists at Simple Solution for help in developing a quiz on pet messes for our readers.  It will test your knowledge about pet stains and odors and which types of products work best on them. So let’s get started!  Which types of stain and odor cleaning products work best on:

  1. Stains?
  2. Odors?
  3. Urine?

Don’t worry, we’ve given you the answers below (we’re good that way).

Solutions for Pet Stains

For regular pet stains, use a product like Simple Solution Floral Fresh Stain & Odor Remover.  It’s formulated with Pro-Bacteria and enzymes that break down and get rid of stains and odors and helps stop your pet going potty in the same place again and again. For tough stains, turn to oxygen-activated formulas. Products like Simple Solution Oxy-Charged Stain & Odor Remover contain oxidizing agents that eliminate the toughest pet stains.  We’re talking vomit, blood, and feces. If the stain has been there a while, you might need to use more stain remover. Let it sit longer, and treat it more than once.

Solutions for Pet Odors

For strong odors like urine, you’ll also need a product formulated with enzymes and “good” bacteria. These break down the “bad” bacteria in pet stains and neutralize odors. Bacteria live all around us, and normal pet waste contains bacteria that make an odor that people don’t like. In Simple Solution products like Odor Destroyer Continuous Spray and Extreme Stain & Odor Remover, the good bacteria have been engineered to find these odor-causing bacteria. The bad bacteria then becomes food for the good guys. Bacteria need moisture to live and thrive, so thoroughly saturate the area and let it sit, to give the good bacteria time to dine.

Solutions for Pet Urine

I think we’ll all agree that pet urine does not smell nice! And to tackle it you’ll need a urine-specific product like Simple Solution Urine Destroyer Continuous Spray or their Extreme Urine Destroyer.  They’re specially formulated to break down urine proteins hidden in your carpet. They get the urine stain out and permanently remove the smell (instead of masking it) so you can breathe again! No matter how many questions you answered correctly, you’ll be more prepared for tackling pet messes now that you’ve put your knowledge to the test. A+ for you! And good news! You can now find all the Simple Solution cleaning products we’ve talked about – and more – at your favorite pet stores and online, including PetSmart, Petco, Chewy, Amazon and here on