justin-veenema-147056-unsplash Spring is the perfect time to deep clean everything – including your pup! The weather is warmer, the snow and mud are gone, and it’s time to prepare for the summer of fun up ahead. But, like most things, a good clean once a year isn’t enough to keep your dog healthy and happy. Check out our tips for keeping your dog as clean as can be, all year round.

Deep Clean in the Spring

Spring is the time of year when we put extra care into cleaning, which should be no different when it comes to our furry friends. With the warmer weather comes more time spent outdoors and the potential for seasonal allergies that can irritate your pup’s skin. Taking the time to deep clean your dog will help prevent dirt and allergens from irritating him. Start with a thorough brushing before giving your pup the ultimate spa treatment. Next, get him squeaky clean in the bath using Vet’s Best Hypoallergenic Shampoo. Once your doggo is dry, finish up his beauty routine by cleaning his ears, brushing his teeth, and trimming his nails. How often you should deep clean your pooch depends on the type of dog and his outdoor activity level, but washing every year when the trees start blooming ensures he’s ready for the spring season.

Keep It Clean Year Round

No matter how often you wash your pup, chances are he’ll pick up a little dirt and dead skin cells between baths. We suggest regularly brushing your dog to help get rid of dirt and loose hairs. There are also some great pet wipes and doggy dry shampoos on the market to keep your pooch looking spiffy no matter the season. One of our favorites is Out! Body Mist, which freshens and softens your dog’s coat between baths. This is a great idea in the colder months when bathing may not be an option, and during the hotter seasons when you want to extend time between baths. Got a favorite tip for keeping your dog dirt-free 365 days a year? We’d love to hear!