By the time you read this, Live the Pet Life will be immersed in the neon glitz and glamor that is the Las Vegas Strip. It’s not a vacation for us though; we’re on our way to SuperZoo 2016, the annual event that showcases some of the hottest pet products from around the globe. And even though the show begins officially tomorrow, we’ve got the inside scoop once again to show you some of our favorite new products being premiered at SuperZoo.

Doggie Toothpaste and a Dental Kit

Dog with Vet's Best Dental Gel ToothpasteVet’s Best has done it again with a natural path to better oral care for dogs. Their Dog Dental Care Gel Toothpaste comes in a tube like regular human toothpaste, for easier application. “It also has a great taste that dogs love, which make the teeth cleaning process much easier for pet parents,” said Matt Smith with Vet’s Best. The dental gel is effective at cleaning away tartar and plaque, and even whitens and brightens your pooch’s teeth for a sparkly smile. Its natural ingredients are what we love best though. Vet’s Best’s dental kit includes the Dental Care Gel Toothpaste as well as a multi-head brush with comfort grip so you can more effectively hold the brush. You’ll be able to find both of these products online soon at

All Day Dog Pads

OUT_Dog_wth_leash_on_Pad-1200Yes, we mean it. Dog pads that last all day—finally! Pet parents like us who lead busy lives and leave our pooches inside don’t want to worry if that dog pad’s going to last until we get home. That’s why Simple Solution has innovated the dog pad game with their All Day Pads, making the most absorbent pad ever. Simple Solution uses a special technology on its pads that converts liquid into gel. This lets All Day Pads absorb up to 10 cups of liquid—way more than any other dog pads out there. The same technology also prevents leaking and run-off, making it a cleaner affair than ever. The best part? All Day Pads don’t sacrifice odor control for absorbency. They have twice the odor control of regular pads and leave the house with a fresh lavender scent. The pads are guaranteed to work all day, with 24-hour protection. They’ll be available this fall at pet specialty retailers and independent stores. Stay up to date on their arrival at

Simple Solution Urine Destroyer for Cats & Dogs

Puppy with Urine Destroyer Simple Solution’s popular Urine Destroyer is now available as an aerosol spray with their innovative continuous spray delivery system. The system injects liquid deep down into the carpet and beneath the surface, helping it work 10 times faster than traditional cleaning sprays by penetrating deeper to reach the source of the odor. That’s definitely something you’ll want when you have a particularly potent urine odor in your house. Urine Destroyer has a powerful combination of a urine-specific formula and enzymatic technology to break down urine proteins (instead of just masking them) and lift stains. It’s safe for carpets, upholstery, hard surfaces and all other water-safe surfaces. We’re really excited to try it with the new continuous spray! Simple Solution Urine Destroyer aerosol spray is available at Petsmart now and soon at most independent pet stores.

Disposable Male Wraps

Simple Solution is also introducing Disposable Male Wraps to its popular line of other pet diapers and wraps. The Disposable Male Wraps are specifically designed to fit male dogs who suffer from incontinence, excitable urination and male marking issues. They’re engineered with a super-absorbent core and leak-proof barriers for long-lasting protection, and feature soft, stretch fabrics, a breathable outer layer and an adjustable closure for a secure and comfortable fit. They also have a wetness indicator that changes color when it’s time to change the wrap. Simple Solution’s Disposable Male Wraps will be available this fall at pet specialty and independent stores in sizes small, medium and large.

If you want to learn more about these and other new pet products at Superzoo, join us for a special Twitter party tomorrow, August 2nd, 2016! Click the image to RSVP:

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