It’s wet and cold but your dog still needs to get out and move about. But where can you go when it’s raining? Plenty of places.

Go to a Friend’s House

A good way to avoid cabin fever when it’s raining is to visit a friend—whether that friend is another dog or a favorite human. Bonus: a visit might help your own cabin fever too! This doesn’t necessarily provide exercise, but it gives you both some variety and company.

Go Shopping at Stores that Allow Pets

Pet stores and pet bakeries are obvious targets, but other stores allow pets too. Hardware stores are often pet-friendly and also have the advantage of wide aisles and a variety of smells (especially if there’s a garden center). Call ahead to check first, as some chains let local store managers decide whether to allow pets. Do your fellow shoppers a favor by remembering to bring your extra thick doggie waste pick-up bags. You might want to carry them around in a lightweight dispenser.

Visit an Indoor Dog Park

Like outdoor parks, this is a place where your buddy can run around and play—while you hang out, watch over the action, and clean up doggie poop as needed. You may have to show proof of vaccinations and flea prevention to get inside. Call or go to the park’s website to learn the rules; some limit the kinds of food and treats you can bring, and they all have behavioral guidelines.

Wander Around a Parking Garage

While not quite as idyllic as your local park, parking garages do offer some covered space for pups who have a lot of energy and need to move around for a bit. Be extra watchful and keep your grip tight on the leash, since there will be cars backing in and out, not to mention speeding.

Stay Inside and Play Games

Maybe your furry friend doesn’t like the rain, or perhaps the weather is just too treacherous to venture out. That’s okay. There are ways to give your four-legged pal some activity and new experiences at home. Run up the stairs or down the hallway, set up an obstacle course, or play find-the-snack with some new treats, like these buffalo rawhide treats.

Go Outside and Enjoy the Rain!

The thing about getting wet? It’s only temporary. And sometimes it’s downright fun!

Visit the Groomer

This might be the perfect day for your dog to visit the groomer and get pampered.  Especially if she’s just enjoyed some good old-fashioned puddle-jumping while engaging in the previous activity. Timing is everything.

What about you? Where do you take your dog when it’s raining?