Pet parents love to talk to their dogs and cats. And most of our furry friends like to talk back. In fact, they usually have no problem starting up noisy conversations. But if you’re like us, you may sometimes wish you knew how to talk and listen better to your pets. And could figure out exactly what they were saying with their body language. Well, we put our research hats on and found some great resources to help.

  • Veterinarian and cat expert Dr. Gary Weitzman has written a book, “How to Speak Cat: A Guide to Decoding Cat Language” that offers tips and strategies for communicating effectively with cats. And don’t worry dog parents, Dr. Weitzman also wrote “How to Speak Dog: A Guide to Decoding Dog Language”. We’ve ordered our copies.
  • The Animal Rescue Site has a quiz to help you check how well you converse in cat. We have to confess, cat lovers and parents though we are, we didn’t score a perfect 10. See how well you do.
  • Los Angeles-based artist Lili Chin offers free, downloadable “Dog Language” and “Cat Language” posters here and here. According to Chin, the prints illustrate various physical stances of canines and felines and offer interpretations of their meanings (each pet posture was done with the input of professionals). We’d like to thank Lili for creating these fabulous posters.
  • Okay, the Amazon Echo with Petlexa,, which allows dogs and cats to communicate with its personal assistant Alexa, doesn’t really exist. It was just a fun hoax Amazon created for April Fool’s Day. But we wish it did.
  • Now this app we totally love: My Pet Can Talk It’s so simple to use: take a new photo of your pet’s face, or use an existing one; adjust the eyes, mouth and chin marks; record a message (tip: keep pressing the onscreen microphone when you do this), adjust the voice pitch – and voila! – your pet will talk to you. Admittedly not quite the real thing, but it’s fun anyway.

And finally, futurologist Ian Pearson believes that by 2050, thanks to implanted devices, our pets will be able to speak to us in our language. Great! Only 33 more years to go until we can have a real conversation with our pets!