If your dog loves getting his paws on your leftover “people food,” he’s going to be very excited when one of the biggest meals of the year rolls around… Thanksgiving! But just like any meal, it’s important to know what foods are bad for your pets and what foods they can enjoy safely.

You should never feed your pets chocolate, artificial sweeteners with xylitol or ingredients with alliums (onions, garlic, leeks, etc.) among other potentially dangerous foods. But here’s a list of foods you CAN feed your dog or cat so that they can join in on the Thanksgiving festivities.

  1. Turkey – Just make sure to give your pet white meat with no skin, fat or bones.
  2. Mashed Potatoes – As long as they are plain and don’t have any added ingredients.
  3. Cranberry Sauce – Just be sure to feed limited amounts to control sugar intake.
  4. Green Beans – Plain, fresh vegetables are always a good idea.
  5. Sweet Potatoes – Just be careful they aren’t covered in sugar or artificial sweetener.
  6. Carrots – Another yummy vegetable option!
  7. Pumpkin – As long as it’s fresh and just plain pumpkin – no pumpkin pie allowed.

A good rule of thumb for sharing Thanksgiving scraps is to choose plain old fresh veggies or meat. Your pet will appreciate the treat, and you won’t have to stress about any post-Thanksgiving accidents or trips to the vet. And if you aren’t sure if a food is healthy for your pet, always do your research before giving in to those puppy dog eyes.

Let us know what your pet’s favorite people food is in the comments!