Halloween is finally here! There are countless reasons that we love the spooky holiday, but near the top is the creative costumes that come out on October 31st—especially the pet costumes!

We can debate the merits of cats in costumes (we believe it doesn’t hurt if your kitty’s used to it), but we have more important matters to discuss today: what costume—if you’re dressing him up—should your cat wear this year? Well, look no further, because we’ve got the 8 hottest cat costumes for Halloween 2015:


The Tiger



The Penguin

“Happy” feet.

The Lobster

“I’ve got a lot of claws, you know…”

The Pirate


The Piñata


Not actually filled with candy.

The Triceratops


The Hot Dog

Not just for Dachshunds, anymore!

The Horse & Rider

I can't even… ride 'em cowboy! ?

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“You’ll pay for this, human.”

We love these creative cat costumes and we want to hear about yours. Share with us in the comments what your pet will be wearing this Halloween!

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