If fleas can make for a bad week, ticks are liable to make for a bad year, or worse. So it’s really important to protect against them and keep them out of the house.

For some tips on keeping your pet and home tick-free, we decided to have a Q&A with our resident vet experts:

Q: How can I find out how high the tick activity is in my state?

A: While ticks love living where it’s warm and moist, all states in the US have moderate to severe tick activity, especially during spring and summer. To find out how bad it is in your area, check out the flea and tick map at http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/flea-tick-map-tool/default.htm.

Q: How can I protect my dog from ticks?

A: Apply a “spot-on” flea and tick prevention liquid medication on your pet every month for year-round protection. Or if you prefer, try a flea and tick shampoo or spray–if you use products made with all natural ingredients, such as peppermint and clove oil, you can apply them as often as needed without fear of toxins.

Q: How can I keep ticks out of my home?

A: Every time you walk your dog, check for ticks, especially if you live nearer wooded areas or fields. Back comb through your dog’s coat to remove any ticks before they attach to your pet’s skin and start feeding on its blood. Try to do this outside to reduce the risk of any ticks entering your home.


Q: I have a huge yard. How can I keep it tick-free?

A: Use an all-natural flea and tick yard spray that kills ticks by contact and is safe to use on turf, grass and outdoor surfaces. Make sure it has a hose attachment so you can easily treat large areas.

For being such small critters, ticks can really pack a punch. With just a few simple tips in the home and on your pet, however, you can be both worry-free from ticks. Have any other questions about ticks or a tip or trick we missed? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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