It’s pawty time! Yes, if your beloved pooch’s birthday is approaching, why not throw a doggie birthday pawty for them to celebrate? Whether it’s their actual birthday or the day you adopted them, it’s a cause for celebration. You can go all-out and spend big, keep it simple and inexpensive by making a lot of the items yourself – or do a bit of both. If you’re not sure how to throw a great birthday party for your dog, well that’s why we’re here to help!


Does your home have an outside area that’s fenced with plenty of room for dogs to run around and play in? Then this is the perfect location. Otherwise check with your local dog-friendly park or doggie day care facility to see if they rent out space for pup parties. Have a list of questions ready to ask when you call, such as: How many dogs can your space accommodate? Do you have rules about breeds and sizes? Do the pup’s parents need to show their vaccination records to gain entrance? Is there an age limit for kids?

Party Theme

Here’s where you can get really creative. You can theme it around a season (beach party!) or holiday (reindeer!), depending when your pet’s birthday falls. Or if your pooch acts like a prince or princess, then go with royalty. If you’re stuck on ideas, pick an evergreen theme such as bones, pawprints, fire hydrants or balls.


Decide how many of your pup’s doggie buddies (and their humans) you’re going to invite. We suggest only inviting well behaved pups! You can buy ready-made pup party invitations online at sites such as Zazzle. Or download a free template such as this one. Prefer to go the homemade route? Invite kids to design the invite. You’ll end up with one that’s unique and colorful.


You can find dog-themed party goods such as banners, tablecloths, paper plates, napkins and party hats at your local dollar or party store. Or go online to get inspired – and then get crafty. Pinterest is a good place to start.

siberian husky happy birthday


Let’s begin with the birthday cake! Yes, you can buy one from a canine bakery. Or you can make your own, which we hope you’ll do. Why? Because we’ve found some yummy doggie birthday cake and cupcake recipes – 14! – here. Your precious pup and his four-legged guests will drool when they see the carrot and peanut butter based cake with banana icing.

You can find more tasty recipes, including “doggie” ice cream. And don’t forget water. Fill lots of water bowls with cool clean water, and refresh as needed.

Check with the pet parents to find out if their pups have any food allergies. And now that we’re mentioning pet parents – you’ll need food and drink for them too!

Doggie Waste Station

Whichever location you pick, you’ll need an area for dogs to go potty. If the party is outdoors, section off an area of your yard and have a supply of doggie waste pick-up bags available next to a garbage can for easy disposal. If it’s an indoor party, besides the poop bags, have some rolls of paper towels and a pet stain and odor remover handy – one that works on all types of floors. Then you can quickly mop up dog pee.

Party Games

A game of fetch with balls or Frisbees will get the party started. You can keep the action going with a scavenger hunt, agility contest, bobbing for biscuits – we’re sure you’ll think of lots more! In hot weather, have a doggie pool or waterslide for your furry guests to splash around in. Set up a photo booth so you can capture all the fun and share the images with your friends after the party.

Birthday Gifts and Doggie Bags

Why not ask your guests to make a donation (money or toys) to your local animal shelter or rescue organization instead of bringing a birthday gift for your dog? You can also make a donation instead of handing out doggie goody bags at the end of the party.

We wish your pet pal a very Happy Birthday when their big day comes and hope they have a pawfect party!